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January 15, 2005

Snowman Shuffle at WRL

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It was a gorgeous morning to be out running. The temperature was cool and there was very little wind. The course was mostly flat but peppered with a few small hills. We started promptly at 9 am, and I hung to the back of the pack. There were both 5K and 10K runners starting together, and some racers had their dogs with them. Kudos go out to everyone who participated, but especially all the silver-haired racers. I hope that if I make it that far in life, I’m able to keep running like they do. One lady in particular made me smile. She was tiny, thin, with full makeup and fuzzy ear-warmers. She was probably one of the oldest racers on the course and was out there putting one foot in front of the other and workin’ it! Go granny Go!

I ran the first mile quickly (for me) at right on 12 minutes flat. I knew I wasn’t going to keep that up…in case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m SLOOOOOW. I continued on as fast as I could for as long as I could, finally resorting to the 4/1 method…run four minutes, fast walk a minute.

Not long after, I started seeing the 5K runners headed back to the finish line. Young kids running flat out. Ahhh, to be young again. My knee started to hurt just after mile 3, while I continued with my 4/1 pace. At the turn-around for the 10K-ers, I realized that there was only one person behind me. But hey, I wasn’t running to win, I run to finish and better my own personal time. Still, I was glad to not be last. The way back seemed to fly by (sort of) and I started seeing mile markers faster than I expected.

I had originally wanted to finish in under 1:15, but I could tell that wasn’t going to happen. So, I revised my goal to finish under 1:20. That was attainable if I pushed myself just a bit more. I started to see racers running back to wherever they came from while I got closer to the finish. I could see the end, and I kicked it up a notch, and crossed under the time clock at 1:18:54. Not good, but not horrible.

Next time I will finish under 1:15! It’s good to have goals, right? I figured my overall average pace was somewhere around 12:45, which is a great improvement (I think) from my 13:19 average at the Turkey Trot back in November.

My friend Judy is running the Houston Marathon tomorrow. I hope she has a good race. She just ran the White Rock Marathon a month ago. She’s inspirational! Good luck Judy!

Snowman Shuffle

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OK, so there’s really no snow on the ground. This is Texas folks! It is at least chilly with current temperature at 37 degrees, feeling like 30. It should be nice for a 10K run this morning. So, a few more sips of coffee and gulps of water and me and my Gu will head out. It’ll be my first outing at White Rock Lake. In all my time of living in Dallas, I’ve never been out there. Sadly, this won’t be as exciting as my run last weekend (or will it?), so, all you 18 people who have ever whizzed by my blog may not have much to read later. Ciao.

Wrigley’s doing great

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I picked Wrigley up from the vet after work today, and she’s doing pretty well. She’s in her kennel in the kitchen, and once she settles she’s doing OK. Doctor’s instructions said to keep her confined pretty well, so I guess it’s OK for now. I’m trying to walk her as much as I can to keep her from getting stiff. Poor baby. I know what it’s like to have surgery and it’s not fun.

This is an older picture of her. She’s bigger, and even cuter (if that’s even possible!).

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