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January 17, 2005

Waiter boy at Tia’s

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Today was one of my co-workers’ birthday. Joined her for lunch at Tia’s (that’s Tex-Mex) and had a very cute waiter. He had lovely light green eyes, nice red lips, a tongue ring and a tattoo peeking from under his sleeve. All the ladies at the table were enjoying admiring this young man. At some point, we decided that the birthday girl needed a birthday kiss from the cute waiter. One of the bolder ladies informed cute waiter that we thought he had nice lips and that our birthday girl wanted a birthday kiss. He blushed bright red and wasn’t sure what to say. After a few moments recovery away from the table, he came back, loving every bit of attention we paid him. This led to lively discussion at the table, including the guys in our group, and we had a great lunch. Just at the end of the meal, when we thought the kiss would never materialize, cute waiter boy up and laid a smooch on my co-worker! Yes, we caught this on a camera phone, just not mine. Darn if I can’t get my hands on it. I’ll have to work on that. Birthday girl asked him for his number too…which he readily provided. What a great lunch.

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