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January 18, 2005

My Favorite Things…Lunch Restaurants

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I have lots of favorite things. I love to go out for lunch. Yes, it’s more expensive than a PB&J, but when you’ve just got to get out of the office, lunch is the way to go! I’m not normally a gushy person, but I just love

Flavor: Mexican
Why I love it: The mix & match burrito bol. What’s a bol? It’s nekkid burrito…a burrito with no wrap. Their rice is fantastic, sort of a cilantro-lime flavor, and their medium corn salsa is to die for. Meats are spiced without being overly spicy. You pick your toppings from the line. Create your own for how you feel that day.

Pei Wei
Flavor: Oriental
Why I love it: Variety of dishes with rice or noodles, and most dishes you get to pick your filler…seafood, chicken, beef, tofu, veggies. LOVE Pad Thai and Coconut Curry.

Tin Star
Flavor: Mexican
Why I love it: Tasty salsa bar. Interesting menu with tacos, burgers, salads, entrees. Queso & fries. Yum.

Flavor: Indian
Why I love it: This was one of my first forays into Indian food. Their menu offers classics such as a curry dish, tikka and kabob, with your choice of filler including paneer (a cheese), chicken, lamb, veggies and shrimp. Their nan (a pita-like flatbread) is soft and warm and makes a great “scoop” for finishing off the side of rice with the left-over sauce from the dish.

Moe’s Southwest Grill
Flavor: Mexican
Why I love it: Funny menu names for their dishes. My usual is the “Billy Barou”. Now, I just watched part of “Caddy Shack” the other night, and found what I believe is the reference for this dish. At the end of the movie, Ted Knight’s character pulls out the “Billy Barou” putter for his final putt. I think their other menu items are named for movie references too. A Google returned this site.

Jason’s Deli
Flavor: Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Spuds
Why I love it: Their food is fresh (well, not according to my mom, but she’s slightly neurotic and a vegetarian, so what does she know). The salad bar lacks some variety, but it’s always well stocked. Classic deli-style sandwiches and gigantoid baked potatos.

Red, Hot & Blue
Flavor: Barbeque
Why I love it: Pulled Pork Sandwich, Mojo Mild BBQ Sauce, and some darn good potato salad. Their dry-rubbed ribs are sooo tender they fall off the bone. Also a plus is the mini-pitcher they use to serve their drinks. No 16-oz glasses used here. We’re talking “Big Gulp” sized beverages. Plus, the cool guitar-playing, sunglasses-wearing dancing pigs make me smile.

Corner Bakery
Flavor: Frou-Frou Sandwiches, Salads & Soups
Why I love it: Black Currant flavored tea. (see note about tea addiction below) They also have asparagus soup, which is so fabulous, nice pannini and a good mixed-green salad.

This is my initial list. I’m sure there’s more if I really thought about it, but these are the places I visit most often, as is evidenced by my bank statements. I see that I have shown slight favoritism to Mexican-style food. This is because I have been raised in Texas all my life. I think I could eat Mexican-style food meal-to-meal on back-to-back days, and not be tired of it. I also love Italian food, but there aren’t a lot of good, quick Italian restaurants that aren’t full service. I try to avoid full service at lunch.

I also have a serious addiction to iced tea, and especially flavored teas. I know which restaurants have which flavors of tea (and which restaurants don’t have flavors) and some days this influences my lunchtime decision. I don’t drink sodas (pop, coke, fizzy-drinks, cola for whichever part of the world you’re from), so I give myself this luxury. That and Starbucks…ohhh, Starbucks. That’s a whole ‘nother post. Happy Lunching!

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