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January 23, 2005

Weekend Adventures

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Doh! I lost the post. I shall attempt to re-create it as best I can below. So, after a week of posting things unrelated to the “official” topic of this blog, I have my recent weekend adventures to report.

Saturday was a day of mountain biking at Rowlett Creek Preserve. I checked the trail conditions online (reported dry) met my friend, Stephanie, at the trailhead, donned our bike helmets, reviewed the trail map and decided to ride loops 1-6 for a total of 8 miles. I should note that I’m not a very skilled mountain bike rider, and Stephanie had never ridden before. The trails were mostly flat and slightly twisty with few trees close to the trail. There were a few dips that were very visbile, which we decided to skip and so walked our bikes down or around. It wasn’t too difficult, which was good for us, excepting the one tree that I tried to move with my shoulder. I now have a nice sized bruise forming and a sore shoulder to remind myself not to do that again. We quickly finished loops 1-4. Heading towards loop 5, we encountered some other riders heading back. The shouted at us not to try it. “Too muddy.” they yelled. Who were we to argue? We had encountered some slimy spots already, which were increasing the further we rode. Instead we turned around and headed back to the trailhead after just about 4 miles. We then called it a day. There’s not supposed to be too much mountain biking next weekend at our practice adventure race. We do, however, know that there will be a potato involved. This will keep you intrigued, I know.

Today again was a day for the bike. Despite the cold temperatures (in the 20’s this morning) I loaded up and headed out to White Rock Lake. Having lived in Dallas all my life (nearly anway) I have never been out to WRL before, but have found myself there two consecutive weekends now. I met a group of members. I should also make a note here that I only have 1 bike…a faux mountain bike. See, I did a pseudo-adventure race last October that required a bike. My husband, who knows my penchant for starting many things but finishing few, wouldn’t let me spend a lot of money on a bike. Everyone else was on road bikes, so they quickly left me behind. However, one kind soul decided that she didn’t want to go very fast, and hung back with me. The morning quickly warmed, and we made a fairly decent average of 9mph in a loop around the lake. We made it back to our cars and had just finished loading up our bikes when the others in the group made a pit stop, having finished two loops in the time it took us to finish one. I think I’ve said it before, and I’ll re-iterate, I do very little of this for time. For me, the completion of the activity is the goal.

My other activity this week included visits to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I ran on the treadmill (the bane of my existence) Monday, and did the elliptical machine on Wednesday and Friday. I love the elliptical machine. I could glide on one of those all day. I’m proud of myself for all my physical activity this week. Keep it up self.

The rest of my day today was dedicated to sitting the lazy boy watching CBS’s 2 hour coverage of the 2004 Primal Quest Adventure Race. This is one of the biggest adventure races, and the biggest in the US. Teams from all over the world come to compete and push themselves to the limit of their capabilities. Last year’s race was darkened by the death of one of the racers on the course. It’s a sad fact, but it’s one of the dangers of the race. I want to do this one day, or at least something like it. But maybe I should finish a 12 hour race first, then work my way up.

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