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January 27, 2005

Shame on me!

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For not posting for three whole days! What a week. After all my activity this weekend, I was just tired the last couple of days. I was such a slug on Monday and Tuesday. But, yesterday I suppressed my slug-like tendencies and put on my new exercise pants and headed out for a run. And yes, I wore more than just the pants. I ran for an hour, mostly ran anyway. I’ll have to drive it later to approximate the distance. I don’t have a GPS or a HR monitor yet…they’re both on the supply list. One thing on the supply list that I have obtained is a head lamp for running/racing in the dark. OK, so my neighborhood has a lot of trees, but maybe I didn’t need the headlamp. There were only a few really dark spots, but it made me feel better to have it. It was funny to see animal eyes glowing back at me!

On Monday I went to an AT ( meeting. We saw slides from the backpack trip to the Grand Canyon that one of the Team Leaders put on last November. The photos were awesome. I’ve never been to the Grand Canyon, but it’s now on my list. Also on my list is hiking the Appalachian Trail — the whole thing. (AT describes both Adventure Team and Appalachian Trail, hope I don’t get you confused!) I actually have a long list of places to see and things to do. Hopefully I will be fortunate enough to do all of these things.

Tonight I will go to the gym and do some strength training. My arms are sadly neglected and need work. If only you didn’t get so sore when you lift weights.

OOh, and then ER is on. This has been my favorite show for a long time. I’ve watched it since the first season, but I just have two words. Goran Visjnic. Yum.

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