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February 7, 2005

Kid-Free Weekend!!!

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So, my darling hubby (DH) was so thoughtful at Christmas and gave me tickets to the theater for the rest of the season and three (3) confirmed ‘Dates’ with him! He could have given me dates to McDonalds or Cici’s Pizza or wherever…I got Dates! Because of the kids and various other things (called “life”) we don’t go out nearly enough. OK. I admit, I’m selfish and attention needy. I so try not to be, but if I could have a Date with my husband every night of the week, I would be on top of the world!

Back to the weekend. So, we traded in the subscription ticket for real tickets a couple of weeks ago. The first show was Bad Dates, a one-woman show about shoes and dating. What a great topic! The first time I called to change in the tickets they were sold out! Oh No! I wasn’t going to get a Date! But wait! What’s this? They’ve held the show over an extra week and we can change in the tickets now?! Fantastic! February 5, 8 PM. Perfect!

Next step is to find some poor suckers, I mean grandparents, to take the Kids for the night. Bwah-ha-ha-ha! So, we call DH’s parents and, trying not to sound too desperate, we casually inquire to see if they have plans for the weekend in question. “No plans? You’ll take them?” (Wow, this was easier than we thought it would be…) “What?!?!?! You want them Friday night too? Friday night and Saturday night?” Woo Hoo! *Doing the Happy Happy Happy dance.* Maintain calm in the voice. “Are you sure?” Without sounding too skeptical. “OK then, they’re all yours.”

So, Friday night was really a *ME* night. DH works on Friday nights till late. So, rushing home from work, I managed to find some clean clothes for the kiddos, packed them up, quickly straightened up the house, and waited for Grandpa’s arrival. Woo Hoo! There he is. Kiss the kids. “Behave, mind your manners, remain calm, don’t fight with each other!” I remind them as they run towards Grandpa’s car. “They’ll be fine” Grandpa says. “It’s not them I’m worried about.” I think to myself, waving and grinning stupidly as I realize “I’m FREE!”.

So, Friday night was scrap booking night with the girls. My friends are way more creative and talented at this activity than I am. I use it as an excuse to hang out and drink a beer or two and chat while cutting pictures and paper, using glue and ribbons and “embellishments” and cut-outs to try to make something that resembles a family album that tells a “story”. I am so not good at it. Because of this I also haven’t spent the bazillion dollars on all the equipment and things that would propel my albums into the amazing scrap booking stratosphere. My friend Judy is really good at it, and my friend Michelle is, in my opinion, the Goddess of Scrap booking. Her mother is an artist, and Michelle inherited some great talent. She painted a mural of the Winnie the Pooh characters in her baby-daughter’s room that is absolutely beautiful. She makes these cookies and decorates them with vibrant colors and patterns…they’re almost too pretty to eat! I think she’s very glamorous, with great bone-structure and hair. She would say she’s just “fat and pregnant”. I still think she’s beautiful. So, we met up at Tryna’s house (a friend of Judy’s) and sat and gossiped and drank and cut up pictures with funny tools until about 10:30 or so. That was fun.

DH got home late as usual on Friday night, and I was, as usual, asleep in the Lazy Boy. He managed to bring me to enough consciousness to get me into bed. For some reason, I haven’t been able to sleep in as late as usual. I was up by 8:30 am, which, in my opinion for a Saturday morning, is the crack of dawn. So, I made coffee, read the paper, and waited for Prince Charming to wake up and take me to breakfast. What was that sound? Silence. No kids fighting over which cartoon to watch. Amazing. After DH/PC awoke, we sat in silence for awhile. It was nice, but a bit unnerving for DH/PC, so we put on a CD and jammed to some Blues music for a bit. When we got hungry enough, we put on some clothes and ate a peaceful breakfast at our favorite local ‘Mom and Pop’ place. Then we went to Academy and bought some new running shoes for DH/PC and some soccer gear for our Darling Daughter. DD is starting soccer! Her first practice was this weekend, so we did get to see the kids briefly, but it was ok, because we didn’t have to bring them or take them after! Yay! We also did a bit of shopping at Lowe’s, buying some light fixtures and a mailbox flag. Yes, some brat tried to play ball with our mailbox. We now have a small dent in our mailbox and were missing a flag, until we put the new one on this weekend.

So, Saturday evening. We leave the soccer practice, head home, shower, and get all gussied up to go out for a night on the town. DH/PC doesn’t like to drive, especially at night, and especially downtown. So, I drive us down to the swank area of town. Not really downtown, it’s called “Uptown”. Rich single people and gays populate this area, so it’s spiffy and nice and cultured. We know to go early, because the theater is small and the parking lot is smaller. We get a good spot and head for the Will Call window to pick up our tickets. Evidently a small verbal spat had occurred in the ticket line just before we arrived. Will Call was the middle line, surrounded by a ticket sales line on either side. This show has been very popular, selling out each performance. These people were in line to buy stand-by tickets! Jeez! And evidently these two “gentlemen” had disagreed on something. The ladies in line seemed to be amused at this for some reason. Come on guys! It’s just a show.

After we got our tickets, we glanced around the lobby while we waited for the doors to open so we could take our seats. There was some very strange art being displayed on a wall. We looked at it for a bit, and decided we didn’t like any of it enough to pay the outrageous prices they were marked as. The only one we even liked a little was the least expensive at $975!!! Then we looked around and noticed that except for a couple of college girls, we were the youngest people in the place! I always find it amusing that at the cultural events I attend, such as theater, musicals, ballet, symphony, (I tried one opera. it was depressing) that I see older couples, groups of women, gay men, and moms with kids in tow, determined that their children will not grow up only knowing Playstation as entertainment, while the kids whine that they are bored and wanna go home and play Playstation. Where is the culture people! Live events are so much more satisfying than movies or bars or whatever. It’s an opportunity to dress up (Yes! If you go “out” you must wear something other than jeans and a sweatshirt), enjoy an evening, go to a restaurant that ISN’T a national chain, eat food that is prepared, not just “cooked” and have a conversation.

So, the play started a few minutes late. We were starving (having not eaten since our noon “brunch”). The “stand-by” ticket holders scrambled for seats, and then the show began. I’ve been to a few plays, but never seen a one-woman show. It was a scream! Julie White is a great story-teller. She’s crazy, funny, and has great range. This show had a few serious moments, which I didn’t expect, but fit so perfectly. It’s about life! And shoes! How things happen when you least expect them to. You don’t understand why or the purpose at the time, but after awhile things come full circle and you get that funny feeling that things are just where they’re supposed to be. I enjoyed every minute of the show, and I highly recommend it if it comes to your town! The run-time was only 90 minutes, no intermission.

Because we were starving, as soon as it was over, we trucked out of there and tried to decide where we would go for dinner. My DH/PC is on a sushi kick right now. I took him for his birthday for the first time back in September, and now, any time it’s just the two of us, that’s all he wants to eat. Ugh. I like sushi, but I don’t want to eat it all the time, and I pretty much stick to the “rolls”. I can do most of the raw fish, but I don’t prefer it. So, we drove around a bit, made a U-Turn, and then drove around some more. Then we saw a diner-looking place with neon lights. Truluck’s! This was one of the places my DH/PC had mentioned as a potential dining locale, and we just happened to be passing by? I think not. U-Turn again, and we parked.

Outside it looks like a diner with neon lights. Inside it’s more formal, with dark wood, low light, and an Art-Deco feel. Very romantic. So, the maitre d’ seats us in a booth. The first thing I notice is the rude man screaming into his cell phone at someone about taking their medicine. My impression was that he was a dad yelling at his kid. My husband’s impression was that he was a doctor yelling at his patient. Either way, I was disgusted by his behavior. I felt very sorry for his female dining companion. The yelling went on and on and on until finally the maitre d’ came to his table and told him he would have to quiet down or they would ask him to leave. I know public cell phone usage and manners are a hot topic, and if someone were filming a commercial about what not to do, this would have been the perfect specimen to examine!

After Mr. Rude-and-Boorish quieted down, our dinner was fantastic. We started with a seafood and cheese-stuffed, grilled Portobello mushroom cap for our starter. The mushroom was cooked perfectly, still firm, but warm. The seafood mix contained shrimp and crab, and it was covered in a creamy white cheese. I probably could have eaten a few more and called it a night, but my taste buds wanted to explore other flavors as well. I was tempted by the Caesar salad for my seconds, but instead ordered the Crab Corn Chowder. It was spicy and delicious, pale yellow, with a smooth, creamy base and chunks of kernel corn. My DH/PC ordered the Wedge Salad, which had fresh bleu cheese crumbles, julienne carrots, tomatoes and a vinaigrette dressing atop a true wedge of lettuce. I was lucky enough to snag a bite, and made a mental note to put that on the list for next time. Ordering the entree was an exercise in angst. Everything on the menu sounded good! My DH/PC opted for the house specialty — the Stone Crab, while I opted for the house steak — the Truluck’s Ribeye. Our food quickly followed our soup/salad (like as soon as our server put the plates down and walked away, the plater walked up with the tray), but the server shooed the plater away to let us finish the course in front of us. Once we were ready, our dinners were brought to us. The steak was perfectly cooked to medium-rare, and, thankfully, still warm. It was served with garlic mashed-potatoes that were a bit dry, but flavorful. DH/PC was served with a plate full of pre-cracked crab claws (served cold with dijon mustard) and sides of mashed potatoes and broccoli. My steak was excellently seasoned and full of flavor, especially tender, if not slightly overly-fatty. DH/PC enjoyed his crab claws as well. Had they not been so much work, they would have been perfect. I also enjoyed a lovely glass of red wine. It was a French red, so I can’t spell or pronounce it, although the title did mention “Chateau” and “Haut”. Although we were bordering on “full”, we still opted to view the dessert tray. YUM! Pecan pie, Key lime pie, Carrot Cake, Chocolate Cake…so many choices. We opted for the “centerpiece” of the dessert options. A hollow chocolate “bag” filled with pound-cake pieces, strawberries, blueberries, butter cream and whipped cream. It was so large the server had to cut it up for us at the table. She then mixed all the flavors together. The first bite was heaven. The second bite was rapturous. The third bite was positively orgasmic. I can’t recall a better dessert that I’ve had in quite a long time. DH/PC said it wasn’t as good as the pecan pie at Pappa’s Brother’s Steak House. I wouldn’t know since I’ve not been there. If you live in Dallas and haven’t been to Truluck’s, go there soon. If you don’t live in Dallas, I’m sorry, but if you ever come, be sure to put this place on your list of restaurants to visit.

Arriving home to a quiet house was also well enjoyed. I will not elaborate on the remainder of the evening. Let’s just say it was worth paying for dinner.

We met my in-laws and our kids at church on Sunday morning. I’m not a church-goer, and definitely not a Baptist, yet First Baptist Allen is where I was. The pastor was actually a very good speaker, and the church provided an outline for the sermon on the back of the bulletin. You could take notes and follow along as the pastor spoke, which I found very helpful and it allowed me to “keep up” with where he was going. After the service, we went to Mimi’s Cafe for brunch. Mimi’s has great food, and I especially love their corned beef hash. They put some spices into it that I can’t name, but it gives it a very interesting flavor. I also love their buttermilk spice muffin that comes with the breakfast. Delicious.

After this, we had to bring the kids home. We had some quiet time around the house before DH/PC scooted off to his buddy’s house to watch the Superbowl. I stayed home with the kiddos, did some knitting, and cleaned DD’s new bedroom furniture. It’s new to us, but probably close to 70 or 80 years old. Art deco style walnut I think. Boy, was it dirty.

This was one of the most relaxing weekends I’ve had in quite awhile. I felt a little guilty about not getting in any exercise, but I have all week to do that!

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