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February 18, 2005

Extreme Office Cleaning

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How clean is your office? I must work in one of the cleanest office in the world. I know all offices have cleaning crews, but I’m not used to seeing them in the office during the day. Maintenance crews yes, but not the cleaning lady. Yet there she is…9-5.

Our bathrooms get cleaned at least three times a day. Maybe four. They’re clean in the morning when I get here. Then they’re cleaned again mid-morning. And then they’re cleaned AGAIN, in the middle of the afternoon. This mid-afternoon cleaning also seems to be approximately 30 minutes after I return from lunch. Never fails. No matter how early/late I go to lunch, she’s there when I return. Then, I either have to wait it out or go to the downstairs loo. Three times a day!? We’re not filthy pigs. I’ve never even seen a stray piece of toilet paper on the floor. The bad part is, every time she cleans she sprays that cheap rose-water smelling air freshner. Gag.

She also cleans our coffee area at least twice a day. Spray down and wipe counters, sink, towel dispenser, cabinet fronts, empty garbage, etc. And the garbage is no little pail, it’s one of the giant office bins. We don’t generate that much trash!

And, the water fountains are the most pristine I’ve ever seen. She cleans these every time she walks past them. I almost feel guilty about getting more water! I even try to hold the mouth of my cup to line up with the water stream to prevent any stray drops from marring the dry stainless steel.

I guess this is a good thing since it’s cold and flu season. Kill all the germs. But really, I think this is somewhat overboard. But, I sure wish she would stop by my house and give it the once-over. Two or three times a day.

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