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March 8, 2005

Dog Run

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WOW! Wrigley, Tori & I ran nearly 7.75 miles tonight! It was a great run! I know I’ve posted a pic of Wrigley before. She’s my 60+ pound lab/mix. Tori is my little sausage roll. She’s a ~23 pound Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Chihuahua head on a Jack Russel-sized body. So, you see I have a slight “sizing” issue between the two of them. So, I bought a new harness for Tori, which ended up not fitting her, so I had to use her old one, which I hate. I bought Wrigley a harness since she didn’t have one, and I bought a “coupler”. This has two claw-clasps on either end, joined by a ring, which I clamp the main lead on. I brough both their leads in case this “coupler” thing didn’t work out well…it was our first time.

I can’t remember what time I left, and I forgot to start my watch, so my best estimate is that we were out just under 2 hours. This time also includes fitting the new harnesses, coupler and leash, and then getting out the gate without having my legs taken out from under me by the coupler and a dog on either side. (They wouldn’t try to clothesline me would they?)

We walked from the house to the park trail, which is about .5 miles, and then we ran for a bit, stopped to say hi to a few other dogs, and, between me and Wrigley (Tori won’t drink from the waterbottle…she just laps the drippings off the ground) we quickly ran out of water. I had planned on refilling at the park water fountains, but the lovely park people haven’t turned the water fountains back on. We made it to the end of the trail and turned around. There are no convenience stores anywhere near the trails, and I hadn’t brought any money for that matter, so we spent about 20 minutes looking for a hose on the side of someone’s house near the trail. The first spigot I tried didn’t work, and the other one I saw was too far into the bushes for me to take the dogs and stay out of view of a window…this is Texas…we allow concealed handguns…I didn’t want to end up shot for a little bit of water! So, we ended up using a water hose attached to the side of a church. It was cool and wet…exactly what we needed to make it back home. Now I have a new shopping item…a doggie backpack so they can carry their own water!

I say we were out under two hours tonight…I don’t know for sure. We walked to/from the house/park, which is about .5 miles each way. We also had to stop and say hi to a few other dogs, or wait for other walkers/runners to pass. My Wrigley is still a puppy, and likes to jump and greet people. Tori is just a spaz and runs up to anyone who comes near. Didn’t need an incident, so whenever we passed someone (which wasn’t that often) we pulled over to the side of the trail and waited for them to pass. But man, when we were running tonight, we were running fast (for me!). I’m willing to bet that I ran under a 12 minute mile tonight…like I said, running fast for me! It was one of the best runs I’ve had in a long, long time! My gait felt really good, like I was actually “running” not my usual “shuffle trot”. I even forgot my knee & ankle braces, yet I feel great! No pain! Let’s hope I continue to get better! I’d like to be somewhere in the middle of the pack in these races rather than at the end…Doh! That means I have to run more. But, with Wrigley & Tori as my running partners, I won’t have a problem with that. And my little head-lamp too. Between the dogs and the light, I don’t mind running at night. Yay! Good night! If I can get to sleep…I’m full of energy now! Wheeee!

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