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March 29, 2005

Goals for this year

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I’m not one for setting New Year’s Resolutions, and even if I were, it would be a bit too late. I’ve sort of set some goals for myself this year (as you can see from reading my previous posts) but I have yet to write it all down. I’ve got to set these goals for myself in earnest and be inspired to complete them. If they’re just in my head, who will ever know? I also have to have these goals to counteract recent events. Something positive for me to look forward to. I’m still praying daily for strength.

So far this year I have completed:
2-25K trail runs (Bandera & Tyler; I missed Grasslands, but it’s just as well as it was thunderstorming and a real mud pit from what I hear)
1 10K
WAR Practice Race (in the cold and rain)
1 12-hour (16 to finish) Adventure Race
1 10-mile run

I have on the books:
The Texas Half-marathon (Sunday)
Lancaster Country ride (42 or 62 miles, haven’t decided yet, a week Saturday)
1 triathlon (three options are on the table at the moment) by May 14

I want to compelte:
1 more tri before River Cities
River Cities tri (August 7)
2 more half marathons (one out of state to get going on my Half2Run goal)
1 marathon
1 half Iron Man
1 18 hour Adventure Race (meaning it would probably be at least 24 hours for me to complete)

Is that a lot? The hard part is finding the training to do all these things. Weekends are doable, but those weekdays! My kids will have to get on their bikes and ride with me while I run. On the days when I have to ride, well, babysitters I guess. And swimming, they have bleachers at the pool. I can tie the kids down to them. I’m keeping a log of all my running (and riding and swimming when I start on those) and I have a race calendar (a real calendar with races and dates and all) with all my options for the above.

I also want to:
Paint my bathroom
Paint my kitchen
Put in new kitchen cabinets
Re-tile my kitchen counters
Paint my dining room
Paint my living room
Paint my den & remove ugly wood paneling
Paint my kids rooms
Put in hardwood floors
Re-tile both bathrooms
Re-landscape my front yard (beds are desperately ugly right now)

Any handy-guys out there? Good thing I love going to Home Depot. I’m quite a handy gal myself. The kid’s bathroom is already done. I did that last September. I like the way it turned out. Bright and cheerful.

Wish me luck. And hope that I win a home makeover gift certificate too! Or better yet, the lottery. Wait, you’ve got to play to win.

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