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April 29, 2005

sprints suck

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Oh yeah they do. My workout last night was supposed to be a 10 minute warm-up, followed by 6 x 1 sprints…sprint 1 minute, walk one minute alternately, followed by a 10 minute cool down. I made the first 1 minute sprint, but not the next one. So, instead I did 10 30-second sprints, with a one minute walk in between each. At the end, my legs felt like lead, and I came very close to that ever-elusive “I ran so hard I puked”. What’s so important about that you ask? I mean, who would want to actually make themselves sick? I’m not quite sure really. But, these ‘serious runner’ people seem to push themselves to the limits and that’s the result. I don’t know how ‘serious’ I’ll end up being. At the moment I’m ‘committed’. So, I will continue to torture myself in search of improvement.

April 28, 2005

I’m very disappointed in you all

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You’ve got nothing for me, huh? Well, I had no idea there were so many prudes in this world. OK then. Have it your way. I post something that could potentially be a conversation starter, and you all shy away. I’ll go back to talking about folding laundry tomorrow…

Oh, and as a side note. Today I took all the pictures of D off my desk at work. I stuck them in a drawer. I’m doing much better, most of the time. I think I’m in the “angry” stage right now. I think I have a lot to be angry over. But I’m not angry all the time. Mostly I’m really happy, until I have to think about him when the kids are acting up, or crying for him, or he calls me about some random question. Especially his attitude. He’s very cheerful and chipper and “Hey! How ya doin’!”. Well, for someone who was just abandoned out of the blue, I’m doing very well, thank you very much. And actually I am. I’ve been staying busy with my friends, continuing my sporting pursuits, and even commmitted to a true “training schedule” one of my friends put together for me for my marathon in October. In fact, tonight I’m running sprints. Gak. We’ll see how that goes. Maybe I’ll get to puke for real this time.

Do you drunk-dial?

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I got my first drunk-dial last night. For all the “just say no to drunk-dial” proponents, this one was actually a good drunk-dial…at least from my perspective. A little late (yes, I was actually asleep), but nevertheless, quite welcome.

What’s your best (or worst) drunk-dialing story? Share if you’ve got one. If you don’t, check out

*Note: I am not responsible for offensive content on external websites. I’m sure it’s out there, so if you don’t want to hear it, don’t click the link.

April 27, 2005

Anonymous Blog Nasties

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So, yesterday, for the first time since this blog’s inception in January, I had my first post from a blog nasty. This person posted anonymously, but I have an idea of who it may have been, since I happen to know where they came from. Yeah, those stat counter things are pretty cool. 🙂

After the anonymous post, I temporarily disabled the ability to post a comment anonymously on my blog. This has now been reactivated, so good or bad, please feel free to post your comments.

This is my blog. These are my thoughts. This is my life. I know who I am and I know what I am trying to accomplish. For me, this blog is supposed to be a “happy place”. A place where I can reflect on my accomplishments, share my goals, motivate myself, inspire others (hopefully), receive feedback, suggestions, comments, criticism, and whatever else anyone may choose to share. If I end up talking to myself about myself some days, who the heck cares. It shows that I am thinking of me, working on me, giving myself what I have not for so long while I was busy giving to another and getting nothing in return.

So, for those 76 positive comments that I have received from various sources over the course of this blog, thank you. I hope that you return, that you continue to comment when you feel like it, that I entertain you in some way, cause you to think about something, and bring a smile to your face or your heart.

For the 2 negative comments that I have received from the one bad apple, I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry that you choose to be negative and caustic. I hope that the ulcer on your soul that is eating away at you is soon relieved. I too have experienced pain and loss and anger and a sense of unfairness. I could create posts that are bitter, vile, full of hate and emotion and let it all eat away at me. But I choose not to. I choose to focus on the good things, create new experiences for myself, and share them and what they have brought to me. If mowing my lawn, bouncing around with my kids, sharing my workouts, painting my house, or talking about my dogs is boring to you, then move on.

April 26, 2005

Speed Workouts, a necessary evil

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I had my first speed workout last night. I will not look forward to these, but I will do them because then I will run faster. One of my friends is a running coach, and she told me not to do the 8 mile run I had planned. “Instead, do a Tempo Run.” she said. Oh boy. 10 minute warm-up, 10 minute tempo run, 10 minute cool-down. The 10 minute tempo run is supposed to be at a pace that makes you want to puke. So, I ran my warm-up laps, and later I figured I ran these too fast. Then I sped up (ha! as if I can speed up much) for the run-till-you-puke part. Well, I didn’t puke, but I did feel pretty crappy. I had to walk for about a minute in order to catch my breath, then I ran the rest of the way for the cool-down. I felt pretty good afterward considering. I danced my way home to some Outkast “I like the way you move” and was excited when I entered my time and distance into my running log. I avereged a 10:47 pace for 29:33! Holy Moly! That’s the first time I have ever averaged less than a 12 minute mile. YAY!

April 25, 2005

What a weekend…

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Wow! Well, I was looking forward to a fun and exciting weekend, and I got it!

Friday evening was a bit hairy, trying to pack up all my stuff and get out the door without forgetting too much. I did forget some stuff, but not anything important like a helmet.

Mapquest doesn’t usually let me down, but traveling to Fort Worth Friday eveing was an exception. I’m pretty familiar with getting over there, but the exact location of the hotel was a mystery both to Mapquest, me, and the front desk girl. My friends aren’t so hot at direction giving either. I thought I should go north on 35W to get to the hotel, and I was right, but both my friend and front desk girl insisted I go south. So, I did. After I started seeing signs for I-20 and no hotel, I knew I needed to go north. I called front desk girl again and asked them where the were in relation to the cross street I was currently at, and the answer I got was “Well, our sign isn’t lit up, but we’re across the street from the Holiday Inn.” Girl! If I knew where the Holiday Inn was, that would help, but I don’t! I asked for an exit number, and she had no idea. That should be part of training for any hotel. Have directions, exit number, map of the general area, etc. posted at the front desk so if a guest calls and says “I’m here, where are you?” they can actually provide some assistance. So, after several u-turns, another call to my friend, a poorly marked exit, and an additional u-turn, I finally made it to the hotel. At least they were helpful enough to allow me to store my bikes in their office overnight. I made it up to the room, chowed down on left-over fajitas from my friend, and got into a taxi to head over to Billy Bob’s.

I was with my friend Christy, her step-mom Darlene, and Darlene’s friend Pat. Darlene and Pat were a couple of fun, crazy old ladies. They had me cracking up all night long. Spunk and energy! Pat reminded me a bit of Patsy Cline, and I think telling her that made her evening. So, as we made our way into Billy Bob’s, we were appriopriately I.D.’d, I was stamped (much to Christy’s chagrin, she didn’t get stamped…it’s my baby face), and we worked our way through the wranglers, bikers, preppies and miscellaneous other individuals to get a much-needed beer. We didn’t have long to wait before the concert started, so we got over to our seats. The “concert bowl” at Billy Bob’s are a bunch of folding tables and chairs, crammed together so tight that there isn’t much room to breathe. Fortunately we were on the side of the table that faced the stage, so we didn’t have to sit backwards.

DAC came on stage pretty much promptly at 10:30 pm. I had seen him at Billy Bob’s a few years ago too. He’s not an “old” man. I think he’s around 65, but he’s lived every single one of those 65 years, a few of them twice probably. I knew he was stooped and old from the last concert, but wow, he has really aged. I guess that’s what you get for being a hard-drinking, prison-time-serving, rock-n-roll cowboy. He was wearing black jeans, a black sleevless shirt (to show off his heavily tatooed arms), had his long white hair pulled back, his beard was divided, braided and beaded, and he accented it all with a pair of bright pink Converse tennis shoes. There was a stool on stage for him to lean against, which he did for the majority of the show. He entered the stage guitarless, singing a capella, hands folded and looking down. He moved to the stool, and his assistant strapped his Confederate-flag guitar to him. He started the concert off in a mellow mood, and we would soon decide that he was feeling really “bluesy” that night. I couldn’t tell where songs started and ended as they all seemed to be of the same tone. I thought we were nearly on the third song, when I realized, nope, that’s still the first song. The crowd was getting a bit restless, yearning for some upbeat honkey-tonk. We didn’t get it. He would tease us with a few bars of his more popular standards before taking us back into blues mode. He sang till midnight and then walked off stage. We didn’t push for, nor did we get, an encore.

In order to amuse ourselves during the snore-fest, we had some good people watching going on. David Allan Coe seems to attract a wide variety of individuals. To our right were the Civil War re-enacters. And, they were definitely rebs. A bit scary, but one guy just wouldn’t shut up the whole concert! Then, there was Mr. Mullet at the table directly in front of us. This was a great 80’s mullet. Short and spiky in the front, long and layered in the back, and accented by a handle-bar mustache that went all the way down to his chin. Mr. Mullet was also the drunkest guy around. His wife had to guide him to the bathroom…complete with the drunken Frankenstein walk. Across the other side of our table were the college kids. I think there were 3 guys and a girl. One of the guys had to squeeze his ample frame backwards into the seat. We tried to pull a the table a little closer to us to give him room to breathe. Didn’t want him to pass out from lack of oxygen. One other guy was Sleepy. Granted the concert started at 10:30, but the dude slept through nearly the entire team. He had either started drinking really early, or he had smoked some good weed, or both. Either way, he was out. I found this extremely funny for some reason. My people-watching giggling attracted the attention of the cowboy behind me. He was kinda cute, and we laughed a bit. At the very end of the concert, he noted that he had asked the waitress to come over, and would we like to order anything. When I ordered another Shiner, he handed me one immediately. Then, the waitress came back with another Shiner. But wait, I only paid for one. I was a little confused, but then realized, HEY! This guy just bought me a beer. Shocked and amazed (it’s been a long time…9 years since anyone’s bought me a beer), I said thank you to him for the beer.

We went back over to the dance floor area, and did some more people watching. There were some strange people out. The weirdest ones where these college age girls with a guy that set off my gaydar. I’ll have to describe one girl as Wenesday Addams, and the other girl…well, there was just no describing her. Too much girl in not enough dress prancing around like a preening pony. Ouch. I can be cruel. As I’m sitting there with my friends, I can see this guy eyeing me. You can just tell sometimes. I said to Christy, “I think this skanky guy is about to ask me to dance.” There, I just jinxed myself. Sure enough a skinny, blond, mustachioed, drunk guy comes and asks me to dance. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, plus I like to dance, so I said ok. Yikes. So, I danced with him to Lynnard Skynnard’s “Sweet Home Alabama” (also the title of a really cute movie with Reese Witherspoon). He tried to guide me around the dance floor, but after several near collisions and him almost falling off the dance floor, I took over and guided him through the rest of the song. He actually kissed my hand at the end of the song (wow, another first for me after so many years), and then proceeded to follow me back to the table. Christy saved me by declaring a trip to the bathroom was in order, so we escaped to the loo, and when we came back he was gone.

We took a cab back to the hotel and called it a night. I showered to get all the smoke out of my hair and clothes before crashing to be at around 3 am. 7:30 came a bit too early the next morning. A little dehydrated, but not feeling too bad, I hopped out of bed, donned my bike shorts, made a little coffee, dodged some blue-hairs in the continental breakfast line, loaded up the bikes and headed north.

The drive to Muenster was pretty. It was a chilly but clear morning. I knew it would warm up on the ride, but waiting around for the start was tough. I intended to do the 62 miles. I really did. But, my brake was rubbing on my bike, and so I set out to do the 40 mile course. Hey, it’s better than deciding not to ride, which was a serious consideration! Within the first 3 miles of the ride, my bike chain slipped off at least 3 times. I also got a good taste of the hills that make this a killer course. The wind hadn’t picked up much yet, so I wasn’t having a problem with that. Just the damn hills. Whereas Lancaster was long flats punctuated by a few brief but steep hills, Muenster was pretty much a constant incline with no flats and steep hills. Early on in the race I passed a biker that had crashed, and up the road was passed by the amblulance that went to pick him up. Further up the road I was passed by 2 fire and rescue trucks. I didn’t know what they were going to, but it couldn’t be good. I would later find out a biker had been hit head on by a car. Stupid car. Get out of the way! I don’t know how bad the biker was hurt, but I hope he will be OK.

At rest-stop 1, I stripped down to my tank as the day was heating up. I applied some extra sunscreen, ate a couple of oranges and moved on. At this point, the wind started to kick in. It was cool and strong and blowing the exact opposite way that I wanted it to…straight at me. It was at this point that my quads began to burn. I was in granny gear up the hills, and a few times I just couldn’t quite make it. Man, I know I’m not in great shape, but this was rediculous. Rest stop 2 was good for some cookies and gatorade. Then I heard a volunteer describing the killer hill between rest stop 3 and 4. Oh no. This was starting to be very discouraging. I hate to quit anything, but I was really hurting and my left foot was really starting to cramp. I decided to press on to rest stop 3 and then reassess the situation. But, the hills and the wind pretty much made up my mind. Make it to 3 and that was going to be it. I have never quit any kind of race before, so I wasn’t quite sure how to do it. I kind of stood around the rest stop for a few minutes, and I had just seen a SAG Wagon drive up. The driver was talking to a few volunteers, and pointed out a girl that was waiting to be driven back. I then raised my hand and said “I’m done too”. So, the driver loaded our bikes in the back of the truck and we started back to town. Just a few minutes later, we were flagged down by another rider that had had enough. And, when he got in the truck he told us there was a recumbent biker that would probably want a lift too. Sure enough, a few moments later, the recumbent biker flagged us down as well. So, the four of us lamented the difficulty of the course and the wind on the way back to town. We saw several other people that tried to flag us down as well, but we were full. They’d have to wait for the next SAG Wagon.

Back in Muenster, Mr. SAG driver dropped me off at my car. I loaded my bike back up and headed out to Saint Jo & Bar-H. I found the ranch OK, but when I stopped to pay my camping and use fees, there were no more payment envelopes. Would it be OK to proceed and pay later. I sure hoped so. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spied Chubby Beaver! “Beaver” I yelled as he biked by. He quickly stopped and greeted me with a big, sweaty hug. For those of you new to this blog, Beaver is the navigator extraordinaire that led me and the rest of the Chubby Harem through Martin Dies Adventure Race back in February. There’s a post in the archives…go check it out. Beaver told me where the rest of the AT’ers were camping out and pointed me in the right direction (see, I told you he’s a good navigator).

My poor little Jetta bounced over a cattle guard and scraped over a big bump, down a hill and through a meadow, then back up the hill towards a “house”. Looking for familiar vehicles, I finally spied a pig-tailed, safari-hat wearing gal. Beckbee! I had arrived at the right spot. We were camped at the top of the hill, very close to the showers and toilets. April, Becky, Brian, Cheryl, David, David, Lauren, Sam & Jesee and I completed the AT campers this weekend. I haven’t camped since high school, so this was new to me. Becky helped me break out my brand-new tent, which was really easy to set up. I changed out of my bike shorts into “camp pants”, but decided not to bother to shower. We were going on a hash later! Oh my. So, we BS’d around the camp site a while longer, and Beaver came by again. The hash would start at 5.

So, we left at 5 (hashes never start on time supposedly). We got over to Muenster, and rather than pay $5 for parking, we looked for a spot on the side of the road. The other driver found a spot easy, but Becky was hesitant to park in the spot we saw…parallel parking wasn’t her strong suit she said. So, I volunteered to parallel it for her, and it was perfect. We headed over to the hash starting point, and there was Beaver. But where were the rest of the hashers? They had left without us. No worries, though, we have Beaver to navigate for us. What is a hash you might ask? Well, it’s difficult to explain. Hashers are beer drinkers with a running problem. The meet frequently to run, and then drink beer and sing songs that would make your hair curl and your cheeks burn. This was a short hash (half-mile) and we then arrived at a softball stadium. Hashers also have “hash names” (Beaver is Dub’s hash name). We met Big Gulp, Hog Straddler, Mouthful, Sparkle, Kiwi (yum) and too many others to remember. Hash names all have meaning. I’ll just let you imagine…

The hash cost $1, and we all grabbed a beer. It was all very confusing, as there was a lot of shouting and bs’ing and laughing going on. There were a few introductions, a demonstration of how Big Gulp got his name, and some more song singing. Then, us “Hash Virgins” were made to stand along the fence, were handed a cup full of beer, and instructed to drink at a certain point in the next song. We introduced ourselves, they sang the song, we drank, they refilled our cups, sang another song, and made us drink again. I like beer, but drinking it this fast was a recipe for trouble. Back in our seats, more songs, demonstrations, accusations, flashing (yes, you read correctly) and I was round-eyed. These people are hard-core. A few more cups of beer were passed around, and then it was over. Holy cow. I think I might go to another hash some day, but these people do this stuff weekly. That’s too much for me.

So, we trooped back over to Germanfest. Time for more beer. We met a few of the hashers back over there, ate some sausage, and drank some more beer and talked a lot of smack. I think we scared some of the old people over there. Time flies when you’re drinking beer. We headed back out to Bar-H, sat by the camp fire, played a short game of truth dare…too many truthful people…drank some more beer, roasted some marshmallows and then someone started passing around a bottle of tequila. Ouch. I don’t remember much after that. OK, that’s kind of a lie. But, I don’t remember much else that I can actually post.

Despite all the drinking, people got up with the sun. I crawled out of my tent at 8:22 and with my blanket wrapped around me, sat in my camping chair next to the camp fire for a good 2 hours or so, and drank a couple of bottles of water. Others were off riding their bikes on the trails and coming back to report how great the riding was. I’m a chicken on the mountain bike. I don’t ride enough to get much better. But, finally about 11 I decided that I hadn’t brought my bike all the way out there just to give it fresh air. So, I forced myself up and got on my bike. Fortunately Bar H has a lot of different trails that fit various skill levels. I stuck to the baby trails. That place is sooooo pretty, and the day was perfect for riding. Dry, sunny, with a cool wind. Spring flowers were in bloom, so it was nice to catch my breath and look out over green fields and flowers. We rode for about an hour, and then headed back, hungry for lunch. I disassembled my tent, packed up my gear (you’d be amazed just how much I can fit in my little Jetta) and, reluctantly left paradise at Bar H behind. For the record, I did finally pay my use fees…even though they were still out of payment envelopes.

I was glad to get home though to a hot shower and electricity. Camping is so much fun. I will definitely be doing it again. I am exhausted, but it was well worth it.

April 22, 2005

You don’t have to call me darlin’, darlin’

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You never even called me by my name…

I so wish I could push a fast-forward button and move this day along! I am ready and waiting for the weekend! Hurry up and get here!

Tonight, I’m going out to Billy Bob’s…something that is normally entirely against my nature to do, as I am NOT a ‘country girl’ despite living in Texas all my life (I don’t even own a pair of boots!). The only reason I am even setting foot in ‘cowboy country’ is to see David Allan Coe. I grew up listening to “The Long-haired Redneck” on family road trips. It was a staple of our “road-music” collection, and my favorite tapes (yes, when music used to be stored on magnetic tape rather than CDs) to request. All my friends know that I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket, but “I can sing you every song Hank Williams ever wrote” (to quote DAC himself). Well, not Hank Williams, but certainly David Allan Coe. And I still do, all the sad ones that I know…

I’m so excited!

Then, after hanging out with all the sh*t kickers on Friday, I’ll drive an hour north to Muenster for Germanfest. I’m riding the 100K (62 mile) bike rally with some of my AT friends. Then, drinking beer and eating bratwurst and listening to a little “oom-pah” music. (I’ll be running the gamut of musical genre this weekend, eh?) After that, it’s off to Bar-H for a little camping, followed by mountain biking (on the baby-trails…since I’m such a chicken) on Sunday morning (if my rear can handle the bike seat two days in a row).

Whew! By Sunday night I won’t be able to keep my eyes open. It’s sure to be a fun, fun, fun weekend!

April 21, 2005

Mmmm, a new “flavor”

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I am sort of a “scent junkie”. I like trying new perfumes, lotions, etc…anything that smells good. Well, I can now report that I’ve found a new favorite. For my birthday (6 months ago…) one of my friends gave me the Eucalyptus Spearmint aromatherapy products from Bath & Body Works. Since I was in the midst of a couple of other “flavors” at the time, I hadn’t had a chance to try it out until just recently. I had some lotion and the pillow mist, and yesterday I purchased the hand soap and a body essence with a gift-card another friend gave me.

I love this stuff. It’s so relaxing, cleansing and almost hypnotic. I used the lotion after my shower last night, and applied some of the pillow mist before bed. I slept very well last night! According to the “lore” printed on the label, Aborigines believe the eucalyptus helps to relax the mind and ward off evil thoughts. I’m of the opinion that they are right! And, unlike some of the other B&BW scents, this one stuck around. When my alarm went off this morning, I could still catch a hint of the delicious aroma as I buried my face in my pillow. Heavenly.

April 20, 2005

So if I’m training for a marathon, that means I really have to run, right?

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Oh boy… So, I said I was going to run a full marathon Oct 23 in San Francisco. The Nike Women’s Marathon. You can register for a training log on their site. I have a seperate mileage log that I’ve been keeping up with since the beginning of the year, so I put my miles in there pretty faithfully (especially since that log calculates my pace based on time/distance). BUT, the site will actually create a training schedule for you to tell you WHEN to run. I kinda haven’t logged in since I registered, and so I’ve kinda missed a couple of runs. Ok, so no kinda about it. BUT, I am now going to be paying better attention to my scheduled runs. I ran 2.2 last Thursday, did 4 hours of yard work Saturday, bounced in the bouncy-house on Sunday, and ran 5.2 last night. Technically I’ve only missed 3 runs. I’m supposed to run 2 tonight which shouldn’t be a problem. Oh, and I like my new Brooks running shoes too. They’re very comfy. I can definitely recommend them.

April 19, 2005


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Well, after the Target photo lab originally neglected to make me my photo CD as I requested, I set them straight and now have photos to share.

Let’s get ready to rumble! Wait…wrong sport… 

Hello? Hello? Can you hear me now? 

Uh, that is NOT how those go on… 

Just a bunch of red-necks… 

Who’s that hot red-head?  

Whew! A break from the engine noise. 

Tecate number…? 

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