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April 11, 2005

Lancaster Country Ride & The Martini Party

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Oh boy! 6:15 am came too early on Saturday. After 4 Shiners at The Dubliner on Friday night, I was feeling a bit dehydrated. Still, I rolled out of bed, took some Motrin and drank 2 big glasses of water, pulled on my bike shorts and a tank and loaded up The Beast.

I got to the Toms house just before 8 am and chatted for a bit as everyone else arrived. Stanky Brain, Ape, Sam, Maribel, Yvette, Dianna, Gale, Lee, Charles, Dusty, Misty, (who else am I forgetting!) were all in their gear and rarin’ to go. We rode down to the start and checked in and got our socks (the giveaway at this rally), and then went back down to the Toms house to drop off the swag and pick up a couple of stragglers. Miss Dianna looked too cute in her bike skirt and sandals, with her pretty new floral-motif bike helmet. Applied a bit of sunscreen and made a quick potty stop and we were off.

While waiting for the race start, Brain suggested I air up my tires a bit to make the ride easier. I’m glad I did. I started off to do the 62 mile race, and was doing OK through the first rest stop. I was a bit behind, but I caught up to the group as they started the second leg. The wind was kicking in pretty well by this point. We were riding straight into it, and I was definitely getting some good “resistence” training.

By the second aid station at ~20 miles, I knew I wasn’t going to make 62 miles. Everything below my waist was numb and I was having some pain in the back of my left leg. This section was very flat, except for the uphills, and the wind was still packing quite a whallop. So, I made the decision to follow the 42 mile course. This basically cut off just a 20 mile loop, as the 62-milers joined back up on the course just a ways down.

The countryside was bright, green and colorful. Spring flowers were in full bloom, and there were Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes in abundance. I saw a huge bird (don’t know what kind, maybe a hawk) riding the wind currents over plowed fields and groves of trees. It was truly a beautiful day.

By the third aid station, I was ready to be done. I ate a bannana and some fig newtons (yum!), drank some gatorade and tried to strech out my left leg. Get back on and just pedal! Not going to get back any other way! Well, except the SAG wagon, and that wasn’t an option for me!

At the fourth aid station I actually had to sit down and really stretch. The back side of my left leg was really tender, but I had come too far not to finish. I started to feel a bit better, and so I got back on and rode for the finish. Road bikers were passing me like I was sitting still, but still I pedaled on. I turned down a section of road and thought “Hey! This looks familiar!” Yep, it was part of the 10 mile run course from Ape’s birthday a few weeks before. I knew I was getting close to the finish. As I came back into Lancaster, the course took us by an old cemetery. I tried to read some of the markers as I passed. They were very old with dates of birth from 1859! Many children and younger people. Makes you wonder and be thankful for modern medicine.

We turned back down a residential street and I could see the finish line just up ahead, so I put the bike in big gear and picked up the pace just to get across the finish line. I stopped my watch and saw that I had finished in 4:09:50. Not too shabby I think. I figured I had spent approximately 15-20 minutes in aid stations all total, so I finished 42 miles in under 4 hours. Yay me! I waited around the finish for about 30 minutes, waiting to see any of the rest of our group. I knew they had all done 62 miles, but I thought on road bikes they certainly would be finished soon. After a brief doze in the grass, the sun was getting too hot. So, I headed back to the Toms house to see if anyone was there. Brain’s car was already gone, and Charles was back loading up his bike. I chatted with him for a bit and sat in the shade, admiring my bike short tan line. After another 30 minutes, I had to go without saying good-bye to everyone. My kids had to be picked up and switched over to my sister. Aunt Nikki was taking the kids — and she even volunteered!

So, I schlepped back up to Allen, stopping on the way to get my bike a quick tune-up. The kids were engrossed in a movie, but I managed to get them out the door without too much trouble. A 6-inch Subway tuna on wheat was calling my name, as I hadn’t had much solid food all day. Fig Newtons and bannanas only go so far. I chowed down on my sandwich and hopped in the shower. My sister got there and helped me finish packing the kids up and out the door. Blissful silence.

I laid down on the couch for a bit with the mind to just relax, and when I woke up, it was already 7:15! Oh my. Nearly a two-hour nap. Whew. Just what I needed. The Martini Party was at 8, so I had to get a move on! My hair was still wet and wrapped up in a towel. I busted out my hair dryer and admired the sun-kissed sheen on my face. I look pretty with a tan! I put on my cute new denim capris and a white button down top (that accented my bronze color). I touched up my Power-blue toenails (shhh…it’s a secret that I didn’t totally re-apply) and slipped on my slide sandals. Re-owww. I looked good.

Back down 75 (twice down and back in one day!) I arrived at my friend Amy’s house just around 8:30. Fashionably late. Amy has a cute little gingerbread house down on the M streets of Greenville. Very tony area. More guests arrived, and we had a great time. Amy had printed up some martini recipes, and I decided my first go would be at a Key Lime martini. Tasted just like key lime pie! Yum! A little tart, but still tasty. My second try was the Lemon Drop Martini. Absolut Citron, Limoncello, sweet & sour, lemon juice, and a teaspoon of sugar and I was in HEAVEN! My favorite martini of the night. Eveyone who sampled mine wanted one, so I turned into the bartender of the evening. “Make me another Lemonaide” Amy would say. I think she had 4 or 5. Good thing it was her house…

Amy did a great job on the party. Great food, good music, lots of laughter. I think there’s a few pictures…I need to see these. Yikes! I remember doing kissy-face. Oh boy. Those should be fun!

On Sunday I slept till 11:30. Then I got up, and actually cleaned house. My kitchen is so clean right now, and my recycling bin is full. Got my tax documents all in order, and then took Zach to his basketball game. Afterwards we went to the in-laws and finished our taxes. Yay! We’re getting a refund. Small, but a refund! Then, the kids and I played Yahtzee, 2 games of Attack Uno (this is a blast) and a game of Rummikub. Dinner, bath and bed. Blissful silence again. I worked a bit more on my knitting (a jumper for a friend’s baby), and after realizing I made a mistake in my row count, I backtracked, fixed the error, then went to bed.

What a fantastic weekend! Next weekend I’ve got to mow the lawn. It’s been raining a bit lately, and I have green sprouts all over. Time to bust out the yard tools and make it pretty!

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