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April 15, 2005

Gentlemen, start your engines!

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OK, so this was more fun than I expected! I managed to locate beer in a CAN (wow…). I ended up with Tecate since this beer store didn’t have Shiner in a can. But, a bottle of lime juice and ice made it drinkable. 😉

We got out to the races at about 2, and after walking what seemed like miles (with a bag full of beer and water and ice), we entered TMS at gate 7 and found our seats. Yay! They were in the shade the whole time. My friends are true NASCAR fans/geeks. My friend’s husband had a watch that he could download all this NASCAR race results data onto, calculated speed based on time, determined the location of all space satellites, and can communicate with ET. OK, so not the last two, but for races, this watch was pretty complex. They also had 4 headsets that we could wear that served three purposes — block out the scream of the cars as they raced by, transmit a broadcast of the race, and allow us to talk by mic if we pushed a button on the back of the earpiece. I felt like such a race pro! HA!

The qualifying laps started at around 3, and ended around 5. During which time I consumed some nachos and three beers. Then, after qualifying, one of my friends and I went out to check out all the merchandise trailers. Each racer had a trailer full of t-shirts, hats, pins, bumper stickers, toys…anything you could slap a number and a logo on and price 500% too high. My friend got a shirt for her sister. I didn’t want to stand in line long enough to get anything else, so we hunted for funnel cakes instead. Yum. Warm fried batter with powdered sugar. I’m not sure if there’s anything on earth better than funnel cake!

The IROC race started up at around 6, so we didn’t have too long of a wait when we got back to the stands. I picked a driver (I can’t even rember his name now…Pruitt?), but of course he got in a wreck 5 laps in and got knocked out of the race. So, my backup pick was some Frenchie named Sebastian something. He led most of the race, only to be passed by Kurt Busch (sp?) at around lap 40. I wished a wreck on Kurt, and in lap 45 my wish was granted! Kurt blew a tire out of turn 2, hit the wall, and was out of the race! A couple of other guys were pushing Mr. Frenchie a couple of laps and nearly passed him, but his superb driving skills prevailed, and he won the race! YAY! The whole thing was over shortly after 7, and after another loooong hike back to the car, the day was over.

It was actually a bit tiring to watch those people drive around the track. Well, maybe it was the 6-pack of Tecate that made me a little sleepy. But, I had a lot of fun! There were some slightly scary looking people out there, but none as scary as I had imagined. 😉 It did make for some interesting people watching though! I would do this again. Don’t know if I would travel for it like my friends are known to do, but, when the races come back to TMS, I’d go again.

Tomorrow is dedicated to yardwork and the garage. The front is starting to look overgrown, and my flower beds are in need of some serious attention. It’s going to take more than a day to get it in shape, but hopefully I’ll make a decent dent and get a better plan of what I’d like to do. Color! The yard needs color! Then, on Sunday, my niece turns 2. A princess-themed birthday party. Should be fun! Though not the drive to her other grandmother’s house in BFE. 😦 Ah, what do 2 year-olds like these days… 😉 Something with lots of pieces like my brother used to get my kids! HA HA HA! Payback bro, payback…

This is Texas after all…

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Well, as another “I can’t believe I’m doing this moment” nears…I’m going to a NASCAR race. Not a place I thought I’d ever find myself. 🙂 Two of my good friends are dragging me along. 😉 And I even have a t-shirt to wear! My company does Halloween up big, and we did a NASCAR theme this last year. My favorite store to shop at is Target, so of course I picked the driver they sponsor. Go Casey Mears! I hope he’s actually racing…And another good thing too is I’m taking a half-day off work to go! So, amid beer, rednecks, RVs & tents, I’ll be avoiding sunburn and trying not to get dizzy as I watch a bunch of grown men drive fast cars in circles. he he he! My friend Judy told me there are only 3 rules…

Rule number 1…if you get in a fight and get arrested…we are not bailing you out until the races are OVER

Rule number 2…if you enter anyone’s RV/Tent of your own free will….I’m not coming in to drag you out…at least until the race is OVER

Rule number 3…no glass…track rule…

Where does one find plastic beer bottles? Duh, I didn’t think of it till just now. Cans! Show’s you how high-class I am. It didn’t even occur to me that beer comes in anything but bottles. HA! I can’t remember the last time I drank a beer out of a can. This should be fun! Oh, and I don’t think anyone has to worry about me breaking rules 1 & 2…I’m a good girl. riiiiight…

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