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April 17, 2005

“Mom, you rocked the bouncy-house!”

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Yes, that is a direct quote from my son. LOL! Today was my niece’s 2nd birthday. So, we drove over an hour to go to her birthday party. My brother had rented a bouncy-house, his girlfriend hired “Cinderella” to paint faces and do magic, and his girlfriend’s mom and step-dad did a great job with food.

Cinderella was actually pretty fun. She painted all the kids’ faces. My daughter (L) opted for a unicorn, and my son (Z) went for the manly-dragon. The magic show was a little hokey, but she really got the kids going. She even used a dove and a bunny in the show, and all the kids got to pet both animals. Then, we did some song-singing and some hokey-pokey-ing. And, using a rainbow parachute, we bounced a doll around, then each of the kids got to go for a “ride” in the middle. The kids all had great fun.

After Cinderella left, it was lunch time. Hot dogs cooked on the grill, homemade potato salad, veggies, chips & dip made for a satisfying picnic lunch out on the patio. Of course, the kids couldn’t stay out of the bouncy house. All in all, the kids did really well looking after the little ones…there were young ‘uns ranging from 2 to 14. No one got hurt, so it was a success.

After lunch, the kids got to bang on a pinata! The little ones got to take their swings without the blind-fold. Very cute to watch them try to weild the giant stick at the princess-crown shaped pinata. Then, L went up for her turn, and with blind-fold on, she gave a few good whacks, and knocked a small hole in the top. No candy just yet! Then, Z went up for a turn. He took one giant swing and hit the top of the pinata, knocking it off the rope and onto the ground. A few more whacks to make sure it was really “dead” and the kids all scrambled for the candy hidden inside.

We then had cake, ice cream and presents. L will be a good hostess when she grows up. She made sure everyone had plates and spoons to eat their desserts. My niece had help from her daddy in opening all her gifts. She was fairly interested in the first few. I think almost everything she got that wasn’t clothes made noise. See! I’m not the only evil-doer! The Dora doll and Backpack set we got her was fun…but, what was even more enticing, and caused her to lose all interest in remaining gifts to be opened was the talking stove. Yes folks, a toy stove that has over 75 fun songs and phrases with which to annoy the heck out of my brother and his girlfriend! HA HA HA! My brother ended up having to open the rest of the gifts…oohing and ahhing over girly clothes and gifts isn’t his strong suit, but he gave it a good go.

Then, after presents, the kids wanted one last romp in the bouncy house. Since most of the other kids were gone by this point, I decided that it was time for me to “bounce attack”! I kicked off my shoes, climbed up the bouncy slide, and bounced the kids around and around. Whenever my niece would climb up, we calmed it down a bit, but once she bounced down the slide it was on! My kids were laughing, and even the older kids were having fun with me in there doing “monster bounces”. One of my sisters was even brave enough to “bring it on”. The best part of the day was when I was getting out (tired, sweaty and hot!) and my son said “awww, mom, who’s going to rock the bouncy-house now”? LOL! Who would’ve thought I’d be so much fun. I usually hate bouncy houses. Too many elbows, knees, legs, heads and other various body parts that are in extreme danger of being knocked about, bruised, bloodied and otherwise injured. Especially when my kids were younger, I would cringe at the thought. I guess now they’re older I worry less and am used to the occasional visits to the emergency room.

What a fun day! I then got to go buy myself a new (used) road bike! Yes, no excuses now…next time it’s the full distance! Trying to decide if I’m going to do a road rally this weekend before going camping, then to be followed by mountain biking. All of course preceded by a night out in Fort Worth at Billy Bob’s to see David Allan Coe. That’s about the only (ok, Willy and Waylan and Johnny too!) country music I’ll listen to. What do you get when you play a country song backwards? You get your wife, your car, your house and your dog back! HA HA HA! Yee Haw folks! (Again, this is Texas, after all!)

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