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April 27, 2005

Anonymous Blog Nasties

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So, yesterday, for the first time since this blog’s inception in January, I had my first post from a blog nasty. This person posted anonymously, but I have an idea of who it may have been, since I happen to know where they came from. Yeah, those stat counter things are pretty cool. 🙂

After the anonymous post, I temporarily disabled the ability to post a comment anonymously on my blog. This has now been reactivated, so good or bad, please feel free to post your comments.

This is my blog. These are my thoughts. This is my life. I know who I am and I know what I am trying to accomplish. For me, this blog is supposed to be a “happy place”. A place where I can reflect on my accomplishments, share my goals, motivate myself, inspire others (hopefully), receive feedback, suggestions, comments, criticism, and whatever else anyone may choose to share. If I end up talking to myself about myself some days, who the heck cares. It shows that I am thinking of me, working on me, giving myself what I have not for so long while I was busy giving to another and getting nothing in return.

So, for those 76 positive comments that I have received from various sources over the course of this blog, thank you. I hope that you return, that you continue to comment when you feel like it, that I entertain you in some way, cause you to think about something, and bring a smile to your face or your heart.

For the 2 negative comments that I have received from the one bad apple, I’m sorry for you. I’m sorry that you choose to be negative and caustic. I hope that the ulcer on your soul that is eating away at you is soon relieved. I too have experienced pain and loss and anger and a sense of unfairness. I could create posts that are bitter, vile, full of hate and emotion and let it all eat away at me. But I choose not to. I choose to focus on the good things, create new experiences for myself, and share them and what they have brought to me. If mowing my lawn, bouncing around with my kids, sharing my workouts, painting my house, or talking about my dogs is boring to you, then move on.

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