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May 2, 2005

Double-header basketball and a long run

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My son has been playing basketball for the first time ever. The season is almost over, and we’re planning on continuing to play. He’s played baseball before, and while he was ok at it, the speed of play couldn’t hold his attention. Basketball is better for him since it’s constant motion. And, he’s really good at it too! We had a double-header weekend, with a game on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. The Saturday night game was one of the best games they’d played. The team we were playing was #2 in the league. We went down pretty quickly in the first half, but by the second half, our boys just started to ‘get it’. We outscored the team in the second half, but not by enough to even up the score for the whole game. But it was great to see the kids start to gel and play like a team. I don’t know that I’ve been more proud of my boy recently! Sadly, the Sunday game wasn’t as good. It was pretty much a slaughter, and Z got really frustrated, but he pulled it together and stepped up in the second half again, giving me more reason to be proud.

Then, I managed to squeeze in my long training run this weekend. It was a bit warm out, but the trail that I run on is fairly shaded, so I just took some extra water with me. And, I broke down and bought some short-tights and a tank. I don’t like traditional ‘running shorts’ for some reason. I just prefer the kind that don’t move when I run. I have plenty of tights for cooler weather running, but it was too warm to wear the long ones yesterday.

I had to run a hour and fifteen minutes. My coach’s hubby inquired how far I intended to run…at least 6 miles right? Uh, maybe I thought. If I get in 5.5 I’ll be happy, since it was warm. But, I managed to surprise myself, and in 1:13:42 I managed to get in 6.4 miles! Over distance, that was an 11:30 average, which again, is a PR for me. The consistent running is starting to pay off, and I am very, very happy! More speed work tonight. A longer tempo run. Which, is, IMO, better than those sprint things, but still is hard work. Thank goodness it’s supposed to be cooler this week. Can’t wait till the real Texas heat hits and I’m training for a marathon. Oh yes, I can.


  1. I’m like you… I don’t like the regular running shorts. I like the tights. Long for the winter and short for the summer. I ran 5 miles in 63 minutes this weekend but my shins were killing me and my calf is a bit sore now. I gotta learn when NOT to push things!

    Comment by Tamsinor — May 2, 2005 @ 4:34 pm |Reply

  2. Yeah, my hip is a little sore today. So, I’ll watch it on my tempo run and see how it feels. After seeing improvement, I don’t want to get hurt!

    Comment by InterstellarLass — May 2, 2005 @ 5:25 pm |Reply

  3. Ugh…I hear ya on the running shorts (not like I “run” or anything) but I “powerwalk” like no other…and the last thing I need is for my shorts to creep up on me in the thigh area. No thanks! Cotten spandex all the way! ; )

    Comment by Sassy — May 2, 2005 @ 10:05 pm |Reply

  4. Oh please don’t jinx our nice cool spell here by mentioning Texas summer. I can do with the cooler temps as long as possible before sidewalk egg-frying season begins. 😉

    Comment by FTS — May 3, 2005 @ 11:05 am |Reply

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