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May 6, 2005

White Rock N Roll

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Cool! So the White Rock N Roll 5 mile last night was fabulous! The rain had cleared and it had warmed up considerably. This worried me a bit as I had packed long tights and a long sleeved shirt. I met up with my AT friend Foxy Roxy and her friend Koleen…at least I would have someone to start with!

After waiting around the start for a bit, the race finally kicked off about 10 minutes late. There was quite a crowd there, and we were kind of far back, so it took a bit to get up to cross the start line. I punched my watch and headed off with a goal of finishing in less than an hour.

I had to dodge a few walkers early on, and it was a bit difficult to get a good pace going early on. I was trying not to go out too fast, as I am wont to do in races. My goal was a fairly even pace and I didn’t want to kill myself too quickly. There were bands placed about every half to three-quarter mile…hence the Rock N Roll, so I didn’t wear my headphones, but chose to enjoy the live entertainment. I paced myself behind a couple of other runners for the first mile, and checked my time. 11:20 for mile 1. A bit quicker than I had anticipated, but I was feeling OK. I slowed down a bit for mile 2, mainly due to the hills. About half-way through mile 2, it started back downhill again, and I was able to run a bit faster. I got to the 3rd mile marker, and doused myself with a bit of water…I was warm. At the 5K mark my watch said 35:00, so I was on a good pace to meet my goal. After the hills in miles 2 and 3, my legs were a bit wobbly, but the last half of the race was mostly downhill to flat.

Starting with the hills in mile 2, I was starting to pass some people that I had kept on pace with so far. Mile 3 brought on some new ‘challengers’, and I managed to outlast them as well. On to mile 4, I caught up with quite a few people, and from 4 to the finish, I picked up the pace just a little. With a little more than a quarter mile to the end, I passed a lady that was walking. When she saw me, she started to run again. She got just a little ahead of me, and then I really turned it on, sprinting the last bit to the end. I almost caught one other lady too, but she had a little more juice left in the tank than I did.

As I neared the finish line, I could hear Foxy Roxy yelling and whooping it up for me! It’s great to have encouragement!

I crossed the finish in 57:09, meeting my goal of finising in less than an hour. As I was running the last mile I wanted to finish in under 57, and I just barely missed it. Oh well, next time.

Roxy and Koleen and I stretched a bit and then walked back up to the Point and grabbed a piece of pizza, a few freebies, an awesome orange and a bananna and found ourselves a little patch of grass to sit and watch the sun set over White Rock Lake. The place is gorgeous! And to think, this was only my third time out there. The sunset was full of pinks and purples and reds, slowly blending in with the deepening blue of the sky. There were clouds neatly spread out across the skyline, and with Downtown Dallas peeking up in the background, it was simply magical. What a night.

Tonight is poker night again with the girls. I really can’t win this time. I have to go to bed early! Up at the crack of dawn to run 9 miles tomorrow morning means just a little bit of poker and no more than 2 martinis. 😦 That makes me sad. I love martinis.

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