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May 10, 2005

My sister is moving

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OK, so I have two sisters. The 19-year old B, and M, who is 27. I got an email today from M, and she’s MOVING to COLORADO on MAY 30!

She’s been talking about moving for a long time. Resons are kinda fuzzy. She’s not happy here, so she thinks she’ll be happy elsewhere. She has no friends here (well, except one that I greatly dislike), so she thinks she can make more elsewhere. She doesn’t like her job here, so she thinks she can find a better one elsewhere. Oh, and our lives are so busy she doesn’t see us that much anyway, so it won’t be like we’ll actually miss her. WHATEVER!

So, she sends me an email today and is like ‘Um, I’m moving, so I won’t be here for Z’s birthday, so can I take him out another day’. And I was like ‘Oh, were you planning on telling me or were you just going to stop by on the way out of town.’

HELLO! This is the dumbest idea ever (IMHO)! But, who am I to stop her. Just up and move with no job, not much money, and no idea what the heck you’re gonna do once you get there. That’s cool. It’ll all work out…sure.

Sorry, I just had to rant there a little.

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