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May 12, 2005

I picked a winner

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OK, latest in the D-divorce saga.

He goes to meet with the lawyer yesterday. I knew he was going. By 10 (PM), he hadn’t called me yet to give me any details. So, I called him.

He was studying (he has a final tonight). I asked him what the lawyer said. Below is a summary of the conversation, but I will bold the direct quotes.

“Well, I got a big packet of information that we have to go through. We have to agree on stuff about the kids, education, medical, visitation, you know. And then, once I file, we wait 60 days. Then we have to go to court I guess. And once we go to court, it takes like two minutes, piece of cake, and we’re done.

OMG! Mother F***ER! Eleven friggen years, and in two minutes, piece of cake, we’re done.

So, of course, I got a bit upset. And then he said “Look, I don’t have time to do this tonight. I have to study for my final.”. Fine. You say, to my face (well, over the phone) that in two minutes our entire relationship will be over, piece of cake, and you can’t take five minutes to grovel!

At least he’s buying me a new hot-water heater.

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