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May 16, 2005

I’m in the Spotlight!

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Oh my! My 15 mintutes of fame are here. Thanks FTS! I’d better be extra-interesting this week. Hope I can stand up to the task!

This weekend I had to relax. I’ve been going and going and going and I needed a mental and physical break. Plus my kitchen floor really needed mopping. So, yes, I skipped my tri. At least my running coach will be happy. Sorry if I disappointed you folks…but dangit…I am training for a marathon! That’s got to be worth something.

I drank too much beer at the Byron on Friday, and so Saturday my run didn’t go so well. I was supposed to run for 1:45. I ended up running for 45 minutes, and did at least a half hour or more of walking to the park and back from where I had to stop running. Between heat, beer and tight quads I just couldn’t make it. So, a total of at least 1:15 forward movement. I made a full confession and begged for a pardon from my coach. I repent!

OOOH! And in more exciting news, I also got two new chairs for my den, for free! When D moved out, he took half the furniture from the house too, so my den has been sitting empty except for the bookshelves. My grandparents are real-estate agents and have been sitting on a model house that was furnished. The home-builder moved the furniture out, but left two big rattan chairs with very pretty cushions and told my grandparents they could have them if they wanted them. So, they called me! YAY! How fortunate am I to get some very nice, FREE furniture….

Now, if anyone’s got a TV…

Oh, and here’s a ‘Help Wanted’ notice for you. I officially joined up on a 12-person relay to run a 195-mile trail race in Colorado in August. It’s called ‘Get Your Ass over the Pass‘. One of the team members dropped out, so we are in need of another runner. If you’re interested in joining up, let me know and I’ll pass along your info to my team captain. You’d have to run 3 legs, so around 20 miles total. Preferrably you would live in or around the Dallas area, but definitely have to be a ‘Flatlander’ (i.e. live in low elevation) to be eligible for our team.


  1. Hey InterstellarLass, FTS sent me over here to say hello. I’m 30 (cough, okay 31, cough) too and have 2 kids. I’m no runner though. Good luck with the marathon:-)

    Comment by MommaK — May 16, 2005 @ 1:26 pm |Reply

  2. Darn it! That sounds so tempting! BUT… I have no clue what shape I’ll be in after my surgery. I’m also looking at the Hotter than Hell 100 in August. Not making any definite plans for the near future.

    I think it’s good that you listend to your body and didn’t do the Tri this weekend. You may have ended up with injuries if you would have pushed it. And let me tell you, you DON’T want injuries. Can you tell I’m a bit frustrated from my injuries?

    Comment by Tamsinor — May 16, 2005 @ 2:52 pm |Reply

  3. Any friend of FTS is a friend of Poopie! I’m no runner, g’friend. I’d say you made the right decision on beer over exertion 🙂
    Good luck with your next adventure.

    Comment by poopie — May 16, 2005 @ 4:44 pm |Reply

  4. everyone needs a rest sometimes, don’t be so hard on yourself, but seeing as i’m not training for a marathon, what do I know. 😉

    Comment by The Wisdom of Wislon — May 17, 2005 @ 2:50 am |Reply

  5. Would love to volunteer obviously. But there’s the slight problem of the few miles between Bydgoszcz Poland and Texas USA

    Comment by culfy — May 17, 2005 @ 3:52 am |Reply

  6. Hi, i’m here via FTS! Great blog, I love to workout and look forward to reading more about your marathon and running workouts too.
    I currently do a run/walk combo and work out with weights every other day.
    oh, and congrats on the new chairs! lol. 😉

    Comment by Laura — May 17, 2005 @ 8:04 am |Reply

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