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May 17, 2005

The Dating Game

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One of my girlfriends was talking about a blind date she had last week. I haven’t ‘dated’ anyone in eleven years, and the prospect is both exciting and terrifying. Yes, I’m not even divorced yet, and I’m already thinking about it. I’m just not a person that likes to be alone. It’s not that I can’t, and I’m having plenty of fun with my friends. All I’m looking for is friendship. After what I’ve been through, the next poor guy will be run through the paces quite well, and will be tested for worthiness. I’ll print up ‘Approved by Inspector’ stickers…

But, how does one ‘date’? I mean, I know how to flirt, that’s the easy part. But the whole ‘progressive relationship’, timing, do I really like him or is it just ‘chemistry’. It’s all very confusing. So, for the benefit of a newly single female and her single friends, what advice do you have?

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