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May 27, 2005

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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Most of you will have a three (or four!) day weekend this weekend. Hopefully you have something fun and relaxing planned. If not, find something! It’s time to be with friends and family and cook-out and drink beer (if you’re of age).

Tonight I’m going to a baseball game. Sure to be fun. It’s the minor league team that’s here locally. The park is small and intimate, so you get right into the game. Tomorrow I’m riding with my friend who has to run 5 hours. Yeah, she’s even crazier than I am! She’s training for a 50-mile trail run in two weeks. Amazing…my hero!

Sunday I’ll go to a pool party. Well, pending the off and on rain that’s forecast all weekend. The only thing the rain will interrupt though is actual swimming. The eating and beer drinking will not be affected.

And, if the rain holds off, I’ll head up to Bar H for a little camping on Sunday night and some mountain bike riding.

Monday will be a rest day. At this point. Unless my plans change and something else fun comes along.

Have a fun and relaxing weekend everyone! Wear your seat belts (car) or personal flotation devices (boaters), elect a designated driver, and be safe!

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