Interstellar Adventures

May 30, 2005

Quit that barking!

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Last night my two lovely, crazy, muddy dogs were outside just barking up a storm at around 3:30 in the morning. For them to wake me up means 1) they’re barking very loud, and 2) they’ve been barking for quite awhile. They just don’t bark like that for no reason, so I wondered what could be driving them so batty. Hoping it wasn’t some crazy nut trying to break into my yard, I walked to the back door and peered out into the dark. I could see them both standing on either side of some poor little animal. At first I thought it was a bunny. No, no big floppy ears. Then, when my dogs realized that I was at the door, they came running over, giving the animal the opportunity to look over. It was a ‘possum! So, I opened the door and brought Wrigley & Tori in and gave the poor thing a chance to escape.

I thought I had seen a ‘possum one night while I was driving in the neighborhood, and now I know for sure that I did. I’m always amazed at the amount of wildlife one can find in a urban/suburban setting. Our local greenbelt provides some excellent habitat for wild things. There are rabbits I know, and I’ve seen an owl once. I’ve heard of coyotes venturing into the city, but heck, we’re encroaching on their home range with our urban sprawl, so who can blame them. Anyone else have any cool wildlife around their ‘hood?

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