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June 30, 2005

Arbor Hills Thursday Night

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As has become my custom on Thursday nights, I ran with my AT chica friends April & Caroline, and we were joined by Jude, a new AT member. We were on the lookout for Jerry (who I’ll be racing with at Mineral Wells) too. We found his truck, but never found him…hmmmm.

Arbor Hills

Arbor Hills is a gorgeous park that has both paved trail and moutain biking trails. I have yet to ride my bike out there, but am itching to do so. I’ve run the trails, and they seem just about my speed on the bike. Easy. 🙂

Lookout from picnic pagoda

From picnic pagoda

Pavillion (that little pointy roof thing waaaay over there)

The trail starts out with a nice downhill into the park.

Trail start

Crosses a stream, where April likes to let her dog, Zoe, frolic on hot days.


Stream bed

Along the trail

The city just added a new 1 mile loop to the paved trail. The first half of the loop is all uphill, then it goes back down into the little valley.

Up one of the big hills

Pavillion from the trail (same pavillion as seen above)


More trees

There are little hideaways to sit and relax on…if you’re of the mind to sit and relax that is.

Rock bench (see, I’m running so fast, it’s all just a blur!)

Then, of course, to get back to the parking lot, you have to run up another big hill.

Bridge before the big hill at the end

This is all uphill

Whew! After running 2.3 miles in 26:24 (11:30 average pace), we headed over to Mi Cocina for a little dinner and after-run beverage. I actually ran a little more…from the parking lot I ran back to find everyone else, and Caroline and I ran back down to the bridge at the start of the big hill so we could run the hill again! I told you before, once just isn’t enough! Has to be done twice. Walked/ran about another 10 minutes total.

Mambo Taxi at Mi Cocina…sucker was $8!

April & Caroline with their Mambo Taxi’s…well deserved ladies!

See you next Thursday girls! But, we’ve got to find some $2 beer specials…mojitos and Mambo Taxi’s are gonna put a big dent in my wallet!

Mmmm, mojitos…

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The wine tasting at Il Sole was disappointing. There were four wines to taste, a pinot grigio, a chardonnay, a pinot noir and a sangiovese blend. The wines were all good, but not great. Definitely not what I expected from a wine bar touted as one of the best in Dallas. The appetizers served were also nice, but not fabulous.

The AT Chicas

Enjoying wine

April & I toast

So, after my cohorts in crime and I had tasted each of the wines and lamented the appetizers, we headed over to the Samba Room. This is where the night got interesting. Thank you Caroline, Bobbie, Kari, April & Angela for being so much fun!

The Samba Room is famous for their mojitos. Mojitos are a devilish rum concoction, with mint, sugar, lime juice and soda. We had several pitchers of mojitos. Oh my. Oh dear. Yes we did. We laughed, we drank, we danced, we had a great time! Photo evidence has been censured, but what I feel I can share is below. Oh my. Oh dear…

Bring in the mojitos 

Cheers girls! 

Angela, Kari & April 

Me, Caroline & Bobbie 

We love mojitos! 

Random male butt 

Dance, dance, dance! 

I’m the dancing queen 

Caroline dancing 


She’s shakin’ it! 

Hot mammas! 

June 29, 2005

Quick Update!

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YAY! I’m so excited! Hip Hip Hooray! I got a new J O B! YES!!! Excellent career opportunity, and much, much closer to home! I just cut my commute from 45 minutes each way to less than 10! Great job, great company! YAY ME! Phew! *Doing a happy dance!!!*

Texas Rangers vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

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Yeah, if that’s not a dumb name for a ballclub, I don’t know what is. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Rediculous. Anyhoo!

Last night I went to the Ranger game at Ameriquest Field. Well, that’s the name of the place, but to me, it will always be The Ballpark in Arlington like it was when it opened in 1994. Yeah, Hicks sold out to corporate interests just like every other ballclub.

Approach to the Ballpark
Approach to the Ballpark

Ameriquest Field
Ameriquest Field from the outside

We were guests at a suite in the outfield. One of the new AT members, Colby, works for a company that actually offices in the Ballpark! How cool is that!

Lobby Entrance to Suite
Lobby Entrance to Suite

AT members Melissa and Matt
AT members Melissa and Matt

View of the field from the suite balcony
View of the field from the suite balcony

Kids park
Kid’s fun park

Slingshot game
Slingshot game


Ameriquest Field
Ameriquest Field

Picnic tables
Picnic Tables

Ranger's bullpen
Ranger’s bullpen

Angels lineup
Angels lineup

National Anthem
National Anthem

Texas Rangers
Texas Rangers!

Play ball!
Play ball!

I want a Ranger tattoo!
I want a Ranger tattoo!

Ameriquest bell rung at every home run
The Ameriquest bell. They ring it after every homerun.

Team Pennants
Team Pennants and retired Rangers’ pennants

Ballpark Flags

Ballgame on
Ballgame on!

Later in the game
Later in the game

Hi everyone!
Hey everybody!

Kids park stayed busy all night
Kids park stayed busy all night.

I left at around 9:45 pm, while it was still tied 1-1 in the 10th inning. I had quite a drive home! This morning on the news they said the Rangers lost 5-1 in extra innings. One of the Angels hit a grand-slam. Bummer. But, it was still a fun game to watch, and I had a great time talking with Melissa, Matt, Travis, Jennifer, Colby and Amy. Fun times!

Tonight it’s off to Il Sole with some of the AT chicas for a wine tasting. It’s in the swanky Uptown area of Dallas, so I have to say I’m looking pretty cute and ready to have some more fun tonight! Stay tuned!

June 28, 2005

Initial details on the next big race

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So, as I indicated in one of my last posts, I told a lie. I’m sorry. I’m going to Hades, I know this already.

Even after the torn-up legs, bruised knee, and general issues experienced at the Rockstick Challenge, I am indeed doing another Adventure Race. July 16 in Mineral Wells. This race is put on by Steelsports, the same race directors that put on Martin Dies.

I’ll be racing with the Green Achers again, Darin and Jeff, and we’ve found a canoe racing champion named Jerry. Hopefully this will help us tremendously after our difficulties at Rockstick.

This race is being billed at 12-15 hours, so we fully expect to be racing at least 20 hours. The race will include approximately 50 miles of mountain biking, trekking, paddling, skate/scooter/trek, navigation, special tests and a ropes course, including climbing.

Whee! What fun! I know you’re all excited…

June 27, 2005

Just from Plain ‘Ol Texas

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Interestingly enough, my sis posted a ‘Texan Theme’ as well recently. You Know You’re From Texas When…

Yep. That’s me. This will be Installment 1 of ‘Around My Town’. I mean, I know my marathon training is exciting and all, but I thought maybe you would enjoy a different topic on occasion. And, the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex has a plethora of sights to see.

So, first off, I’ll show you a bit from my city of residence, Plano, TX though it’s not my ‘hometown’. I was born in Houston, TX, and raised in Irving, which is about 25 miles from where I currently live. Irving is also home to Texas Stadium and the Dallas Cowboys. Well, for now anyway. Arlington (where the Texas Rangers play) caved in and decided to build Jerry Jones the stadium of his greedy-dreams. Irving didn’t want to play with Jerry anymore, because Jerry is an @$$, but that’s beside the point…I digress…Excepting the year that I lived in California as an infant when my bio-dad was in the Navy, and the year that I lived in Oklahoma as a kindergardener when my step-dad was finishing his medical residency, I have always lived in Texas, and specifically the Dallas area.

Now, contrary to the impression the old TV show Dallas (you remember…the Ewings; J.R., Bobby, Sue Ellen, Pamela, and Miss Ellie and Cliff Barnes) might have given you …we aren’t some spoiled, rich, big-haired, thick-lipstick-wearing oil barons. Well, at least I’m not. There are some spoiled, rich, big-haired, thick-lipstick-wearing Dallas socialites that I could talk about, but that’s not the point here. Plano is also home to Southfork Ranch. And, unless you’re from the eastern suburbs, or from far western Fort Worth, or from south of the metroplex, or from north of the metroplex…well, if you’re me, you don’t have a thick Texas accent like Sue Ellen Ewing. I don’t have an accent! I promise. I spent a summer in England once, and at a party one evening, everyone found out I was from Dallas, they wanted me to talk. They were very disappointed, and the party went on…

So, Plano is a city of around 244,000 suburbanites. We are located just 20 miles north of downtown Dallas, and have numerous accolades heaped upon us for our school district, police force, yada yada yada. It’s a nice city, yes.

One of the more interesting things about Plano (I think) is that there is a working farm right smack dab in the middle of the city. (Smack dab in the middle is a precise locator phrase in Texas.) They have horses, cows, sheep and llamas from what I can see.

Farm at a major city intersection

Cows and horses


More Cows

Horses and cows


Hay bales

Plano also has some very nice parks. I am fortunate to live near one of these parks, and I sometimes run the paved-trail system that runs along the greenbelt. End to end it’s 5.5 miles, so if I’m running long, I have to double back part of the way. But, it’s pleasant, shaded, safe and well maintained, so I’m happy. There’s also an east-west trail, but it’s very open (no shade) and runs along some heavy power lines. There’s this weird electric hum that just gives me the creeps, so I don’t run that very often.

Spillway at park in my neighborhood

Indian paintbrush

Looking down the spillway

Mamma duck chasing baby ducks

Looking North

The other side of the trail

All-in-all, Plano is a nice city. The schools are good, there’s not much crime, there’s every convenience you could want, tons of restaurants. Cookie-cutter houses for the most part, soccer moms (my daughter plays soccer, but that does NOT make me a soccer mom), school zone after school zone, 3 major Senior High schools. Yep, pretty boring, but at least it’s a ‘good place to raise kids’.

Back to Dr. Pain

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Despite being able to run yesterday after my fall on Saturday, by mid-afternoon, I was limping again. I iced my knee up twice yesterday, and today, it’s still a bit sore. I’m off to see Dr. Pain again this afternoon. Hopefully I’ll be able to hold the tears at bay again today. My hips are hurting quite a bit as well, and I have an awesome bruise on my left quad.


Dr. Pain is a masochist. I still didn’t cry, but damn, it hurt! I will be sore again, possibly torturing myself with another ice bath tonight.

After relaxing most of yesterday afternoon (yes, a long nap was included in that), I took my kids bowling last night at Main Event. We played for just an hour, but each of us won a game. The kids bowled with bumpers, but not me. I mean, I stink bad enough at it that I could get away with it, but I figure that if I stink that bad, letting them bowl with the bumpers it would bring us to a level playing field. Z won the first game, I won the second game (even broke 100 — that’s how bad I stink), and L won the third game (played 4 frames before time ran out). During the second game, the lights all went off, blacklights came on, the lanes glowed, the balls glowed, the lacings on our shoes glowed, and they played a couple of disco songs while a disco ball over the lanes spun around. The kids and I danced and sang and did the YMCA. It was totally unexpected but totally fun! We were bummed when the house lights came back on. 😦 Blacklight bowling was a blast! Will definitely go back and do that again soon. Need to find out if they do that just randomly or if they have a time where the entire night is blacklight bowling.

June 26, 2005

Marathon training, Week 5

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I stayed up too late last night…but I still managed to wake up with my alarm at 4:50 this morning. Yawn…

My knee was tender, and twinged a bit when I walked, but I put on my running shoes nevertheless and headed out the door at 5:30. Drove down to meet the rest of the Run On! group. I arrived a bit early, so a few ‘Hi, how are you’s’ were exchanged before we started out.

Today was a 2:20 run. Yep, just like what I did last week…when I wasn’t supposed to. I was a little nervous because of the difficulty I had last week, and the fact that my knee was bothering me. Plus, the humidity this morning was AWFUL, around 70% at 6 am. So, we started off, and I tried to hang in as best as I could. After I warmed up a bit, about a mile or so in, my knee didn’t hurt at all anymore, even though my quads were still a bit stiff.

So, I eased into my run, worked my breathing and my pace, watched my fluid intake and Gu replacement and did rather well. My hips started to hurt around 1:40, and pushing past that ‘wall’ that I seem to hit at that point was difficult. I only stopped to walk twice…once up a hill at the very end, and once with the lady I had been pacing with the entire run. She stopped, so I stopped to stay with her.

Finished the run in 2:17:43, and ran ~11.4 miles. Right on a 12 minute pace for the long run, again. I’d like to be going faster, but I know with the heat and humidity, I would kill myself. I felt like I actually could have run a bit longer today, so that’s a good sign. Oh, and another thing…I found a new favorite quote today for use when I’m running…”I’m built for comfort, not for speed.” 😉

Now I’m sweaty, stinky, tired and hungry. So, I’m off to enjoy another hot shower.

Oh, and lest the previous post’s pictures frighten you, I promise I do dress nice, and sometimes I look rather normal. Oooh, and love the blue nail polish don’t you? 🙂

June 25, 2005

Rockledge Park, Grapevine, TX, June Birthday Challenge

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OK, so my friends and I are a little warped. We enjoy extreme physical activity. So, for our June Birthday Challenge, we opted to run some trail, then do some mountain biking. We met up at Rockledge Park just before 8 am.

Packed up and ready to go…Checkin’ on the bike

View from the dam…still driving along the dam…still driving…

The other side of the damn…still driving

Lauren, Dianna, Sam, Mike, Ken, Darin, Maribel, Kim and I were the participants in this little party. Maribel and Kim are total over-achievers, so they got there early and were already biking by the time we showed up. Right around 8, we started off, running.

Lauren, Sam & Dianna

I’d never been out to Rockledge before, but I’d heard it was a nice trail. Um, yeah…a nice trail. Needless to say, Rockledge doesn’t get it’s name for no reason. Yes, it was rocky. The first bit of the trail is quite narrow and rocky, with a sharp drop-off to the left (going out). Hilly, twisty, rocky, and tree-rooted, it was a challenging trail to run.

Views of the lake from the trail

On the road, I can get a good, even pace going, and can run for quite awhile without stopping. On trail, it’s hard to get a pace going, up and down, avoiding rocks and roots, odd strides, etc. So, I try to run 10 walk 2 to get my heart rate back down and recover my legs a little. Except, in my hurry, I left my watch in my road shoes…in my car. 😦 Bummer. So, I ran for what I thought was 10, and walked for what I thought was 2. I occasionally stopped to take a few pictures.

Views of the trail

My knee was a little tender after a bit, so I was taking it rather easy. I got to mile 3, and tried to go a little further, but decided it wasn’t worth it since I have to run tomorrow too. So, I turned back.

Lauren and Dianna headed back…and time to refuel

More views of the lake and wildflowers

On the way back, I encountered quite a few bikers, so I had to stop frequently and move to the side of the trail. As I neared the end of the run, I heard something off the side of the trail. I like to see what wildlife is lurking in the bushes, but had been quite disappointed by squirrels all day long. These live in my neighborhood, so I see them all the time. This time, I wasn’t disappointed. It was a snake. I didn’t see a rattle, and it quickly moved off in the brush, so I don’t know what kind of snake it was. But I’m glad it was off the trail! Don’t need an encounter with one of those!

Trail scenery

I made it back to the end of the trail, for a total of about 6.2 miles. As I was finishing, one of the newest AT members, Ken, was catching up to me. So, we both made it back to the parking lot at the same time.

New AT member Ken

I was going to wait on Darin. I’m racing with him at Mineral Wells in July. Oh, yeah…that promise I made to not race any more ARs until after the marathon…well, I lied. Sorry folks. I’m not perfect. And I already made my full confession to my marathon racing buddy Judy…so, I’m clear. Well, she’s not pleased, but at least I ‘fessed up first this time.

Anyhoo. I was waiting for Darin, so I had a bit of time to sit, rehydrate, refuel, and delete the old pictures off my camera. “Card Full”. Dang it. I’ve uploaded all these photos already…why haven’t I deleted them off the camera. So I did.

Between the run and the ride…I’m still pretty clean

Darin got back to the parking lot, so I unloaded our bikes, and readied myself for our ride. I was rather nervous about this, but glad that I got to run the trail first. Scouted out the walking parts versus the riding parts you know. Filled up the hydration system, changed my running shorts for my biking shorts, donned my brain-bucket and gloves, and I was ready to go.

The Rockledge trailhead…Ken heading out

Less than 3 feet into the trail, I fell off my bike. Yep, trying to avoid the culvert, I rode around it, and then hit a concrete pillar. Nice. In front of the entire parking lot. Lovely.

Back up on the bike, I made my way across the rocky, narrow trail that starts the trailhead. I then came to the first walking point. Up a big hill with lots of sharp rocks. Shortly thereafter, I made a sharp turn into a long downhill, and busted. I fell to the left, skidded to a stop, and banged my chin and felt a rattle in my head. Then I realized I looked down at my knee where a large lump was starting to form and I was *gasp* bleeding. Again. Same knee as Rockstick. Dammit. well, I used language a bit stronger than that…but this is a PG-13 rated blog.

I was in a bad spot to just lay in the trail and cry, so I got up, dragged my bike the rest of the way down the hill, and ran into Darin who heard me fall and curse. He looked at my knee and said “Ouch!”. Yeah, no kidding! 🙂

So, of course, I pulled out my camera and took a picture of it. Pretty, huh?

Yep, busted my knee again…Ouch!…and my chin…looks like I’ve been in a fight!

So, we kept riding. Some nice climbs, and I rode a few of the downhills that I had planned to walk, so I was quite proud of myself. I still got off and walked a bit here and there, but rode more than I anticipated. It was getting quite hot, and I was getting kinda tired. Darin pushed on, and I tried to keep up, but eventually I cried ‘Uncle’ and turned back. I rested a bit, rode a bit, busted again, then rested a bit, and made it back to about two miles out.

My second bust…I’m all dirty now…it was a good skid…

There was a large open picnic area along the trail, so I stopped at one of the picnic tables, and decided to rest a bit more. Soon after, Ken pulled up, ready for a breather, and then after that Darin arrived. We chatted for a bit with some other riders that were resting. It was time to take off again, and then Ken noticed he had a flat. Oops. More time to rest. 🙂

Except Ken’s pump was a Presta valve, and his tubes were Schrader. Oops. Luckily, I had some air cans in my pack, and a lever, so I donated some of my gear to Ken so he could get back on the trail. He finished changing his tire, and we headed back. A few more climbs, some nice flats, more walking down the scary bits, busted again, and made it back to the trailhead. Whew! What a ride! I was very proud of myself! I’ve never ridden so hard, fallen so much, or so well, and dared to do more than I thought I could!

This is not one of the hills I chose to ride after all…

My bloody bandanna…See how dirty I got?…At least part of me is still clean

I got good scratches…blisters (death grip on the bike)…and improved my sexy legs

I awarded myself with a couple of Shiner’s back at the trailhead. Then, I drove home, stopped at Chipolte, got a burrito (yum!) and headed home.

Then, the real drama began…

My first ice bath! I had stopped at 7-11 for two 10-lb. bags of ice. I also had two 10-lb bags half-melted in my cooler. I dumped the cooler water in the tub, (waste not want not), added some cold tap water, and then entered the water. OH MY GOD! BRRRRR! Holy crap, this was going to be 20 minutes of torture. I slowly added more ice from the two new bags, and added more cold tap water. I started my stop watch and popped a new Shiner. Good gravy. Um, it was just a wee bit nippy. Time has never passed so slowly. I sipped my Shiner, wrapped a towel around my shoulders, and watched my watch.

Finally, the eternity ended and I jumped out of the frigid water, covered in goosebumps. My toes were numb, and I could barely feel my legs as I walked to the shower. Whew! Finally, a nice warm shower. I don’t think a shower has ever felt so good. Aaaah.

Then, just because I haven’t tortured myself enough today…

In order to prevent any more poison ivy from popping up on my legs, I drenched a washcloth in rubbing alcohol, and wiped my legs down from top to bottom. OUCH! It barely burned over my existing PI, but my new boo-boo on my left knee…well, it nearly brought tears to my eyes. Just nearly. I don’t cry…unless I watching Beaches. OK, I cry other times too, but not from sporting injuries.

Happy Birthday June People! Again! Can’t wait till the next ride!

June 24, 2005

100 (plus) posts

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Recently I have noticed that several people have reached 100 posts on their blog. I never realized that I hit this milestone until they made note of it on their own blogs. Evidently, there is a ‘100 Things’ pseudo-ritual of some sort related. Well, I’m a little behind then (he he, I wish) so, I sat down and tried to think of 100 interesting things about me. I found 100 things, but I don’t know how interesting they are.

100 Things about me

1) I was born November 30
2) In Houston, TX
3) I’m a Sagittarius
4) My 30th birthday was the best one ever
5) I have wonderful friends
6) They like me even though I’m a little crazy
7) My favorite ice cream is…hey, all ice cream is good
8) I love to read
9) I also knit
10) I like participating in sports
11) Watching sports on TV is mostly boring
12) I’m training for a marathon
13) Even though I bought good running shoes, I still am getting bruised toenails
14) I keep my toenails painted at all times for this reason
15) Right now my toenails are painted blue
16) I have a toe-ring that I’ve worn for over 10 years
17) I never take it off
18) Except when I had surgery
19) My second toe is longer than my big toe
20) My mom always used to make fun of my toes
21) She also used to make fun of my big feet
22) My feet got bigger each time I was pregnant
23) I have two children
24) My son is 10
25) My daughter is 6
26) They are the most beautiful children in the world
27) They are the most intelligent children in the world
28) Yes, I’m biased, but hey, it’s my blog
29) I’m in the process of getting a divorce
30) It wasn’t my idea
31) But now I’m OK with it
32) I have a degree in English
33) My concentration was in British Literature
34) I’m a business analyst
35) My job has nothing to do with my degree
36) My ears are double-pierced
37) I wear a pair of diamond studs at all times
38) I got these from my mom and dad for my 18th birthday
39) My dad is really my step-dad
40) My bio dad lives in Missouri
41) My mom is divorced from my step-dad now, too
42) I’m a good ‘ol American Mutt
43) My mom’s side of the family can trace back to the Mayflower
44) My bio-dad’s side of the family can trace back to the Revolutionary War
45) My great, great, great-grandmother was a Cherokee Indian
46) That makes me just 1/32 American Indian
47) I’ve never been to an Indian Reservation
48) I love the Discovery Channel
49) And The Learning Channel
50) I hate reality shows
51) I took ballet for 12 years
52) I don’t get to dance much now
53) I’d like to take ballroom dancing lessons
54) Because I secretly watch ballroom dancing competitions on PBS
55) Even though the girls wear too much makeup, have too fake tans, and cheesy costumes
56) I’m afraid of swimming in water if I can’t see my feet
57) Because my uncle made me watch Jaws when I was 5
58) The same uncle gave me a sip of beer (I thought it was soda)
59) On my mom’s side, I have three uncles
60) They are 6’6″, 6’8″ and 6’9″
61) I wanted to be 5’10”
62) I only made it to 5’8″
63) My sister is taller than me and it irks me
64) My step dad is a doctor
65) I would have gone to med school, but I don’t like needles and cutting people
66) I did take Anatomy and Physiology in high school
67) We dissected a cat during one semester; it was cool
68) I was on the swim team in high school
69) I swam the butterfly and backstroke
70) I hate my nose
71) I like my eyes and my neck
72) I never liked my name
73) I’ve only ever broken one bone in my body
74) I fell down some stairs
75) No, I wasn’t drunk
76) Then I drove my stick-shift car home; it was painful
77) I tried out for cheerleader in Jr. High
78) I never made the team
79) I played the trombone in band
80) This is probably why I didn’t make cheerleader
81) My step-dad, bio-dad, first boyfriend and soon-to-be-ex all share the same first name
82) Perhaps this is a sign that I should never date anyone with that name ever again
83) I never studied in high school and I was still an A Honor student
84) I often wonder how well I could have done in school if I really would have studied
85) My ‘first love’ was from England
86) He was very hot, and he had an accent, which made him even hotter
87) I had my wisdom teeth removed when I was 18
88) I actually liked high school
89) I went to my 10 year reunion
90) By myself, because my soon-to-be-ex wouldn’t go with me
91) Sometimes I feel like I need to cry, so I’ll rent ‘Beaches’
92) I don’t like scary movies
93) I used to work in a movie theater
94) We got to see movies for free
95) I saw 60 over movies in one year
96) Now I never go to the movies
97) I’m not allergic to anything
98) Since I started getting flu shots 4 years ago, I don’t get as often
99) My kids are always sick with something, but never at the same time
100) I want to travel the world before I die

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