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June 1, 2005

My sister is moving…update

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Regular readers will recall that just about 3 weeks ago, I learned that my sister is moving to Colorado. I was none to pleased about this. She had discussed it off and on before, but never taken any action on it. No real plan, just the desire to go.

Well, I still haven’t seen much of a plan, but her ‘Bon Voyage’ dinner is planned for tomorrow night. She’s taking Z & L to Six Flags for a day of fun and junk food first, and then we’ll go to dinner. I still don’t know exactly what day she’s leaving. She hasn’t told me if she’s got an apartment yet, although I must assume she has. I don’t think she’s looked for a job. I have no clue as to what she’s thinking. I have a vision of her just packing up her car and driving off, destination known, but that’s about it.

She is a braver soul than I. Hopefully it will work out and I won’t get the call to rescue her.

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