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June 3, 2005

On very little sleep…

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It’s going to take me awhile to adjust to this training schedule! I’ve never been a morning person, so 4 AM is so hard for me. Then, my natural inclination is to stay up all night long. Week 1 down…21 weeks to go! We’ll see how this goes.

Dinner last night with my sister and family was good. My sister is leaving on Sunday morning for Colorado, and we shed a few tears. We were also celebrating Z’s 10th birthday. I can’t believe my child is 10 years old! My brother also made me cry…I’ll tell you the story.

When I was pregnant with Z, I moved back home. My brother (13 at the time) and sisters (17 & 9 at the time) were very excited about their new nephew. My family is odd (aren’t all families) but we stick together when it comes right down to it. So, they were all involved in some aspect of Z’s impending arrival. When I finally went into labor around noon on a Friday, (10 days after my original due date!!!) it was a sort of family affair. Once it was finally time to go to the hospital (I’ll spare you the details) my entire family came as well. My mom was my coach, and my sisters were there too. My dad, brother and Z’s dad stayed a respectable distace back, but could see into the room. It all went very fast you see, and looking back on it, I realized I had about 10 people in the delivery room with me — doctors, nurses, family! I should’ve sold tickets!

From the time that I walked into the hospital to the time Z was born, a mere 3 hours and 20 minutes had passed. He was born at 3:20 am, on Saturday, June 3, 1995. My family was super excited, and everyone got to hold their new son/nephew/grandson. My brother was especially ecstatic over having a boy in the family that he could play with. Three sisters were no fun!

My family also loves baseball, and at the time my brother was playing in our city league. He had a tournament game that weekend, and his first game was Saturday morning. Despite having stayed up all night to greet his new nephew, my brother still went to play his game. Before he left, he kissed Z on the head and said “I’ll hit you a home run today.”

And he did. His first at-bat, my brother hit a home run over the left-field fence. Someone retrieved the ball, and my brother had the entire team & coaches sign their names and put the date on it.

Last night, my brother gave Z that home run ball as part of his birthday gift. The memory brought tears to my eyes. Z thought it was totally cool. It was nice to see that connection between my brother and my son, and the smile on Z’s face as he held the ball and we told him the story again.

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