Interstellar Adventures

June 6, 2005

Hot Legs

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OK, for the squeamish, stop reading now…look away…

See that cute (well, in my own, personal, humble assessment) girl up in the left-hand corner of your screen? Yep, that’s me. I promise. I clean up real nice, eh? Well, I also like to get a little down and dirty every now and then. For fun, I pay people to torture me (see the post below). And, as proof of my down-and-dirtiness, I offer up photo evidence of my ‘hard-core’, also interchangable with ‘idiotic’, activities of this past weekend. Yes, I had fun! Yes! I will do it again (after the marathon Judy, I promise…cross my heart…as the blogosphere is my witness I will not adventure race again until after October 23 of this year).

And the scratch on my knee is from my ever-so-graceful, I-have-no-idea-what-the-heck-I-tripped-on, face plant I took on the trail on the way back on the trek. My story was going to be that an armadillo attacked me, and it was a ‘him-or-me-fight-to-the-death’. But someone moved the dead armadillo before I could get a picture of it…

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