Interstellar Adventures

June 8, 2005

What a shame, I liked him

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About that wine tasting…you could probably tell by
the lack of communication over the last couple of days
that something wasn’t right. The unfortunate thing
about [deleted] is you meet a lot of people. I met
someone else about the same time as you, and my hand
was forced yesterday when she asked me to go to a
company function with her tomorrow night. It was a
very difficult decision for me to make, but I have to
tell you I won’t be able to join you tomorrow.

You are a very beautiful person, and I wish I could
say that maybe we could talk again some day (because I
know that I’m probably making the wrong decision), but
I know that that’s not realistic. If you would like
to continue to talk as friends, I’d be completely up
for that, but I also understand if you don’t.
Finally, I’m sorry for taking the cowardly way out
here by doing this through e-mail. I’m horrible at
confrontation, and I didn’t want to hear the
disappointment in your voice when I told you. Of
course, I may be totally full of myself and this is no
big deal to you at all, in which case, you’re welcome
for the comic relief this e-mail offers. Good luck to




  1. Hey, good practice and some free food, you know? Not to worry, there are plenty others. No rush!
    – Jenny

    Comment by Anonymous — June 8, 2005 @ 11:16 am |Reply

  2. What a coward.

    I hope you ran him out of your head this morning.

    Comment by Indigo — June 8, 2005 @ 12:25 pm |Reply

  3. OMG! What a mother f*cker! Sorry honey- but now you see he was a cowardly ass and you dont want a man like that. So, so sorry!! *hugs*

    Comment by MommaK — June 8, 2005 @ 4:31 pm |Reply

  4. What an ASS. You deserve so much better than someone who would do this through email. ASS.

    Comment by TrueJerseyGirl — June 8, 2005 @ 5:13 pm |Reply

  5. I second all the comments above. What a twat

    Comment by culfy — June 9, 2005 @ 1:58 am |Reply

  6. How low can you go by not even calling you atleast.

    His loss!

    Sometimes technology makes things alot easier for cowards.

    Next! 😉

    Comment by The Wisdom of Wislon — June 9, 2005 @ 2:34 am |Reply

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