Interstellar Adventures

June 14, 2005

Hi! I’m mystery girl!

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Yes, it’s just little ‘ol me. How could I not take a chance and meet an intelligent, interesting and funny guy? And, I must say, his eyes are a lovely royal blue. 😉

In other news…I was only able to make 24 minutes of a 40-60 minute run this morning. 😦 By lap 3 my knee was twinging, and by lap 7, it was throbbing. Currently, my office trash bin is upside down (yes, it was empty), under my desk, my feet propped up, and knee wrapped with a hot wrap. Ice pack is downstairs in the lunch freezer, readying itself to be switched out with the hot pack. This all as a result of my race from the weekend before last and the elegant fall I took during the trek/run. I felt guilty for quitting after two miles today, but I know it’s better to stop when I’m hurting than push myself and possibly injure myself for real. I’m hoping this is just a bruise…

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