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June 18, 2005

Rock Stick Photos

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OK, like I promised, I picked up my photos from the Rock Stick Challenge. You’ll need to enter the password ‘rockstick’ to get in. There’s not many. Spent too much time racing! Enjoy!

Givin’ props to my girl!

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I just got a call from my friend — the one running the 50 mile race in Wyoming. Well, she made 20 miles before injury called her name and she took herself out of the race. There was a tree, some rocks, a collision with the tree, and rolling ankles on the rocks. Bad stuff I know…I’ve been there!

She was so disappointed not to finish, but I told her I was still proud of her! And I am! She trained so hard and took a real leap of faith in trying this race as her first ultra-trail race. It takes guts to go for those extreme trails.

Judy! You rock girlfriend! I’m SO super proud of you and in total awe of your dedication. Don’t let this race get you down! You’ll recover, we’ll do awesome in San Francisco and then tear that town up a little. Then we’ll find out next race where we’ll kick some more butt! *HUGS TO YOU SWEETIE!*

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