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June 21, 2005

What happened to my legs!

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Yes, they’re still there. I didn’t lose them in some freak shaving accident. Nope, instead, starting last Wednesday/Thursday, I started getting these little itchy bumps on my shins and calves. At first I thought maybe chiggers or mosquito bites. But, the spots kept getting bigger. Hmmm.

So, all weekend I tried to avoid the urge to scratch what felt like hundreds of tiny ants crawling all up and down my legs. What was even more curious, is that the bumps kept spreading upwards, then suddenly stopped at my bike-short tan line. (Hot, yes, I know…it’s actually kind of a graduated tan line…my bike shorts are longest, followed by my running shorts, followed by my short-shorts that I played volleyball in on Sunday, then I have a faint tan line from my swim bottoms…) Poison ivy maybe? Nahh, couldn’t be. It had been over a week since I was exposed to any foliage on my legs (Rockstick). Or could it?

Last night I went to our monthly AT meeting (Yes, we’re sports addicts, but unlike other addicts that have daily/weekly meetings, we only need to meet in a non-sporting environment once a month.) And, since if I didn’t break down and wear a skirt despite the condition of my legs, I would instead be running around naked (hmmm) from lack of enough summer wardrobe, I was wearing the cute new skirt I bought a couple of weeks ago for the date with the CPA (and we all know where that went). This is Texas after all! And stockings are out! (Like I wear those anyway except by special request…)

Sooo…back to the story. My friends at the AT meeting were commenting on my un-sexy legs, and I told them I didn’t know what it was. “Well,” chimes in this one guy, pulling up his sleeve, “it kinda looks like the poision ivy I’ve got.” Doh! Thirty years I manage to go without getting infected by poison ivy, and now look at me! Peak of summer skirt/cute sandal season, and I’m all blotchy and red. Ewww.

Last night I slathered my legs up with Caladryl before bed. This morning, after my shower, I slathered my legs up with Benadryl gel. The hundreds of tiny ants are fading, with it only now feeling like a dozen or so are crawling around on my shins.

My quads and glutes were super sore this morning following my visit with Dr. Pain. Stretching was painful, but I did my exercises anyway, like a good girl. I ran 4 miles this morning in 45:30. Just a smidge (that’s a scientific measurement you know) under an 11:30 mile for my ‘recovery’ run. It was muggy, and I felt like I was running standing still again. Maybe it has something to do with the rubberized track they have at the school.

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