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June 28, 2005

Initial details on the next big race

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So, as I indicated in one of my last posts, I told a lie. I’m sorry. I’m going to Hades, I know this already.

Even after the torn-up legs, bruised knee, and general issues experienced at the Rockstick Challenge, I am indeed doing another Adventure Race. July 16 in Mineral Wells. This race is put on by Steelsports, the same race directors that put on Martin Dies.

I’ll be racing with the Green Achers again, Darin and Jeff, and we’ve found a canoe racing champion named Jerry. Hopefully this will help us tremendously after our difficulties at Rockstick.

This race is being billed at 12-15 hours, so we fully expect to be racing at least 20 hours. The race will include approximately 50 miles of mountain biking, trekking, paddling, skate/scooter/trek, navigation, special tests and a ropes course, including climbing.

Whee! What fun! I know you’re all excited…

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