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June 30, 2005

Arbor Hills Thursday Night

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As has become my custom on Thursday nights, I ran with my AT chica friends April & Caroline, and we were joined by Jude, a new AT member. We were on the lookout for Jerry (who I’ll be racing with at Mineral Wells) too. We found his truck, but never found him…hmmmm.

Arbor Hills

Arbor Hills is a gorgeous park that has both paved trail and moutain biking trails. I have yet to ride my bike out there, but am itching to do so. I’ve run the trails, and they seem just about my speed on the bike. Easy. 🙂

Lookout from picnic pagoda

From picnic pagoda

Pavillion (that little pointy roof thing waaaay over there)

The trail starts out with a nice downhill into the park.

Trail start

Crosses a stream, where April likes to let her dog, Zoe, frolic on hot days.


Stream bed

Along the trail

The city just added a new 1 mile loop to the paved trail. The first half of the loop is all uphill, then it goes back down into the little valley.

Up one of the big hills

Pavillion from the trail (same pavillion as seen above)


More trees

There are little hideaways to sit and relax on…if you’re of the mind to sit and relax that is.

Rock bench (see, I’m running so fast, it’s all just a blur!)

Then, of course, to get back to the parking lot, you have to run up another big hill.

Bridge before the big hill at the end

This is all uphill

Whew! After running 2.3 miles in 26:24 (11:30 average pace), we headed over to Mi Cocina for a little dinner and after-run beverage. I actually ran a little more…from the parking lot I ran back to find everyone else, and Caroline and I ran back down to the bridge at the start of the big hill so we could run the hill again! I told you before, once just isn’t enough! Has to be done twice. Walked/ran about another 10 minutes total.

Mambo Taxi at Mi Cocina…sucker was $8!

April & Caroline with their Mambo Taxi’s…well deserved ladies!

See you next Thursday girls! But, we’ve got to find some $2 beer specials…mojitos and Mambo Taxi’s are gonna put a big dent in my wallet!

Mmmm, mojitos…

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The wine tasting at Il Sole was disappointing. There were four wines to taste, a pinot grigio, a chardonnay, a pinot noir and a sangiovese blend. The wines were all good, but not great. Definitely not what I expected from a wine bar touted as one of the best in Dallas. The appetizers served were also nice, but not fabulous.

The AT Chicas

Enjoying wine

April & I toast

So, after my cohorts in crime and I had tasted each of the wines and lamented the appetizers, we headed over to the Samba Room. This is where the night got interesting. Thank you Caroline, Bobbie, Kari, April & Angela for being so much fun!

The Samba Room is famous for their mojitos. Mojitos are a devilish rum concoction, with mint, sugar, lime juice and soda. We had several pitchers of mojitos. Oh my. Oh dear. Yes we did. We laughed, we drank, we danced, we had a great time! Photo evidence has been censured, but what I feel I can share is below. Oh my. Oh dear…

Bring in the mojitos 

Cheers girls! 

Angela, Kari & April 

Me, Caroline & Bobbie 

We love mojitos! 

Random male butt 

Dance, dance, dance! 

I’m the dancing queen 

Caroline dancing 


She’s shakin’ it! 

Hot mammas! 

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