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July 5, 2005

The “Stay Cool” Fourth of July party

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Sunday evening was was reserved for partying with my girlfriends that I love so dearly. I headed over to my girlfriend Judy’s house for some BBQ, some beer, some poker and fun! We play out in the heat too much all the time anyway, so we decided for once, not to sweat it out. We were going to stay and play inside!

My friend Judy and I. Judy is the running fool that has pulled me into her mad, mad world. 🙂

She has a cute little pug named Pebbles.

And a new kitty that adopted them. Aptly named Fluffy Tail for the fluffiest tail on the skinniest cat I’ve ever seen.

My lovely friend Melissa. She used to be my client at my old job, and is my absolute, all-time favorite Queen of the Hair Toys.

She’s going to kill me, but she never reads my blog anyway. None of you others better tell her either. My friend Christy, that I used to work with. She’s an awesome, wonderful person, just like all my friends.

I had a beer recommended to me, well not this specific beer, but a type of beer. Don’t know if this qualifies or not, but I gave it a go nevertheless. Warsteiner.

It was a dark, heady beer, and I was lucky enough to get to pour it into a nice, frozen mug.

And, the taste test passed! This is a really, really nice beer! I didn’t need my back-up 6 pack of Shiner after all!

During the party, Judy’s husband Keith, pulled out the ‘penalty flag’. It came as a freebie with the DirecTV service. We had fun during the evening making up various ‘Party Penalties’. My personal favorite was Keith’s “Illegal use of disco”. But, I was too busy throwing the flag to get a picture. Bummer.

But, the highlight of the evening, well for me anyway, was seeing my friend Michelle.

Well, not so much Michelle (no offense hon!) as who she brought with her! The new baby, Alex!

He’s such a little peanut!

And I got to hold him! I admit, I’m a sucker for babies! Especially new ones. He was such a little sweetheart!

But, he got a little peeved when I tried to take too many pictures of him.

Mmmm…another Warsteiner. I highly recommend this beer.

Then, after the night settled down a bit, and the cute baby went home, Christy, Judy, Keith and I sat down to play a little poker. Keith had been talking smack all night (well, not really, but it makes the story better) about my poker playing skillz. See, I win frequently. Not every time, but frequently. And, I told you all why…everyone else just chit-chats. I’ve got to be the Poker Czar and remind people when to bid, how much to bid, that it’s their deal, etc. But, we have fun!

Ummm…What’s that rule again?

The host-and-hostess with the mostest. And Keith runs too. He’s training for an Ironman right now (full or half…I can’t remember off the top of my head).

See…we all play nice and have fun!

Yep, still drinking the magnificent Warsteiner.

Ahhh. Yes. The InterstellarLass rules! I win…and I didn’t even want to play for money…I forgot mine and tried not to borrow the $5 ante, but noooo, Keith insisted.

Thank you Judy and Keith for a great party! I have the best friends!

Sunday’s Ride at Arbor Hills

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Please note that I have received comments from some readers that now that I am including more images (for your viewing pleasure) my site has become slower to load. I have also been told that my images are not visible to all readers. For this reason, I am toying with switching my image hosting, and have done so for this post. Please let me know if you have noticed any slow-down in page load time, or if you can/cannot see the images below. Thanks!

Last Thursday you got to see the pictures from the run at Arbor Hills. But, those were views from the paved trail as I was running along. On Sunday, I went to go ride my bike out on the dirt trails. I had run these about a month ago, and decided they were easy enough for me to ride on my bike. Yeah, I stink on the bike, as is evidenced by my multiple injuries last weekend. Hey, at least I’m learning to fall…

I didn’t fall at all on Sunday. I was going too slow and being too careful to fall down and go boom.

One interesting thing to note about Arbor Hills is, it’s not just a park, it’s a Nature Preserve. As such, there are a couple of features, including this Biofilter. It’s meant to utilize water run-off from the parking lot.

The trail is a series of switchbacks, up and around a small section of the park. There are quite a few tight twists and turns in there.

The sunflowers were in full bloom.

I don’t know what these little white flowers are, but they were all over the open fields.

Another view of the pavillion featured in the Thursday night run photos.

After I biked the entire trail, I rode off down the paved trail for a bit to see what I could see. I noticed what appeared to be a jeep road of some kind, and followed it down a bit. As I rounded a bend, I could see a pond hidden down below.

As I approached the water to get a better shot of the water, I saw a movement off to my left. A very large frog…bigger than my hand, jumped into the water. It was dark, and I didn’t see a second one sitting there as well until it was too late to get a picture of it. Then, there were little froggies jumping in the water too. I’ll have to go back in super-stealth mode in order to try to catch them on camera. They were massive amphibians!

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