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July 11, 2005

Poker Night: Redux: Pics

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So, Friday night was poker night. My friend Steph hosted for the evening. She has a gorgeous house, and is an excellent hostess. I wish I was as ‘Martha Stewart’ as she is…except without the jail time. Oh, that makes it sound like Steph’s been to jail too…but she hasn’t, just Martha.

A little sidenote fact about Steph…she is an excellent gardener. She has a cute little greenhouse in her backyard, and a lovely gazebo. See all the pretty flowers?!

Felicia, Amy, Me, Kim, Christy, Stephanie & Ramona

My friend Christy! She keeps me honest… And Amy, well, I hope to be able to drink as well as she does one of these days! (I LOVE YOU AMY!) (OK, Amy’s not really a lush. I just didn’t manage to get a good picture of her. Amy is super-smart, funny, witty, charming, lovely and SINGLE!)

Steph surprised us with the mixin’s for Lemon Drop Martini’s. They’re addicitve

So she made me a martini…

Or, well, half of one at least… 😉


Now, this is a martini…the glass must be full…if you’re one of those ‘glass half-full kind of people…well, when it comes to martini’s, that’s too bad for you. 🙂

And, because we’re girls…we do better than beer and peanuts. Yep, we have brie, and grapes and crackers. We also had homemade guacamole which was fantastic, and lots of other kinds of cheese too. Like I said…Steph’s Miss Martha Stewart! Very impressive!

Oh, and because we’re girls…we hide our poker money under the toaster.

Whew…the night was over. I didn’t win, but it’s about having a good time! My jacks just didn’t hold up. 😦 Next time…I’ll get ’em next time.

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