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July 12, 2005

I woke up in a crappy mood this morning…

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But, my friend Judy gave me a new rule. On my training days, even if I feel bad, I have to get up and run at least one mile. Then, if I’m still feeling bad, I can go home. But, I absolutely may not pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep. So, at 4:25 am, I woke up, got up, got dressed and headed out to the track. Kids were fighting over who got to sleep in the back seat, and who had to go up to the front. I rolled down the windows, opened up the sunroof, and told them they could fight it out, just not to set off the car alarm while I was running.

After Sunday’s epic 14 mile run and hip pain, I was looking forward to an easy recovery run today. OK, well. It started off easy anyway. I ran 4 miles, 44 minutes, 11 min average total. Pushing through that first mile was the toughest. And then I suddenly started to feel better. I picked up my pace a little, and still felt pretty good. After two miles, I stopped briefly to grab a drink of water, then headed out for mile 3. After mile 3, I knew that I was posting negative splits for each mile, so, just out of curiosity, I pushed a little harder. I was well pleased! Then I stretched some. Off to go stretch some more and take a shower. My final breakdown for today’s run:

Mile 1: 12 minute mile
Mile 2: 11:11 minute mile
Mile 3: 10:49 minute mile
Mile 4: 10 minute mile

So, even though I woke up in a crappy mood, after bustin’ out negative splits for my run today, well, let’s just say I’m feelin’ pretty good. Tuesday is an ass-kickin’ day!

P.S. You know you have a sickness when you can remember your time for each mile…12:00, 23:11, 34:00, 44:00. Jeez…

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