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July 13, 2005

And ya’ll think I’m crazy!

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Check this out!

Stealth Paddling

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As some of you may know, this Saturday is my next big race. Should be as long, or longer than I’ve gone before, but at about 50 degrees more heat…Saturday is shaping up to be about 98 degrees plus humidity.

Last night I met our new Green Acher, Jerry, out at the Trinity River for some paddling practice. The paddle leg has been the dreaded part of the previous races I’ve done. But, after last night, I’m looking forward to it.

Jerry is a canoe racer. He’s been the C1 class (what exactly that means, I don’t know) champion the last 6 years in the state of Texas. So, we had planned on using a 4 person torpedo canoe, but got concerned about tight creek channels. So, we’re going with a 2-man kevlar canoe (weighs in at 40 pounds), and Darin and Jeff will be in their kayak. We’re also using these ultra-light carbon-fiber paddles. I never thought I would get so jazzed about a canoe paddle, but after using that thing last night, wow. A canoer’s dream.

Jerry gave me some tips on my stroke technique, and once I stopped splashing, started reaching, and pulled the paddle from the water at my hip, I had a noise-less, splash-less, efficient stroke. We were zoomin’. Well, for a canoe. I forgot to time us on our first mile. But, on the way back, I clocked an 11:30 mile. This is gonna be a great race.

Next Race:
July 16 in Mineral Wells.

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