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July 14, 2005

The ‘WOW’ factor

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Last night and today have, so far, been full of ‘WOWs’.

This morning, WOW, I ran hills. WOW. It was tough. 7 repeats, 2:00 uphill (3-4% incline), 2:00 back downhill. Plus warm-up and cool-down, around 40 minutes total running. The humidity was killer. I was having a tough time breathing, and my left quad was cramping. WOW. I can’t believe I made it through the workout this morning but I did. Oh, and WOW, I’m running again tonight. My first double. Hope I make it!


Last night was a WOW night too. I’ve been kind of mum on the whole ‘dating thing’ for a while now. Wasn’t much going on anyway. I’ve gotten a few emails from a few different guys (yeah, online dating…), but only one turned into a date. And WOW, I’m glad!

There was a First Date for coffee. Relaxed, enjoyable, interesting, good-looking, funny. Absolutely, I’ll go out with him again.

Second Date involved more effort. Actual planning and forethought took place. We went to see Richard III at the Shakespeare Festival. I packed a picnic dinner and a couple of bottles of wine, and, up until it started lightning, then raining, in the middle of the second act, it was a perfect night. He can quote Shakespeare. He’s polite, well mannered, funny. This is most excellent. WOW.

Third Date was last night. Italian restaurant for dinner, with cheesecake for dessert, then a DVD at my house. (Yes, nosey people, we watched the movie.) We talked for a while, and then I took him home (yeah, I have this ‘thing’ about driving…other people’s driving kind of freaks me out…it’s not an ‘issue’, it’s a ‘thing’). He can carry on an intelligent conversation, has interesting things to say, makes me laugh, is very complimentary (I think I’m getting spoiled on compliments right now…WOW). Again, most excellent.

All I have to say about this guy so far is WOW. So many good things about him. Did I mention good-looking too? I think I did, but I’ll say it again. Oh, and he writes too…mostly poetry. I have two so far. WOW! I haven’t yet found a fatal flaw. Date Four is in the works. Most excellent. WOW.

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