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July 15, 2005

Mineral Wells Adventure Race

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Last night I ran my first ‘double’ workout. Yes, ran in the AM and the PM. Another WOW. 🙂 My friends and I are doing a weight-loss/body-fat loss competition. Two different ‘pots’. Oh, yeah, there’s money riding on this! I did the weigh-in last night (aaack!) and next week I have to go to this place where they put me in a pod, zap me with some electrodes, and then I get my body-fat measurement (another aaack to be sure). Oh, and I have to pay them to do that. So, after we weighed in, we ran. Well, some of the girls walked. Then they turned back. Then we ran. Got in 2.75 miles total running. Forgot my watch though so I have no idea how long it took.

Today is a busy day! Gotta pack and get ready for my Mineral Wells race. I’m super excited! It might actually rain all weekend! That’ll help for keeping cooler. But, not so good since I’m supposed to sleep in a tent. I might be knocking on Jerry’s door begging to sleep on the floor in his hotel room. Wish me luck folks. This is gonna be a toughie. If you’re up on Saturday night/Sunday morning around 2 am CDT, think of me and hope I’ve managed to roll in, all in one piece, by then.

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