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July 18, 2005

So much is going on!

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Race photos are being developed. I woke up with shoulders being a little sore. Mentally plotting my race report, but so much will come from the photos. Other than the sore shoulders, nothing else hurts! Not even today. Expecting a little more soreness on the 2nd day, but so far, nothing. Does that mean I’m getting in shape? Is that what that’s like…

*Preview of photos…photo courtesy Donutman (Team TOW 38)

Just me relaxing between the rappel and the climb.

Yesterday was a fantastic day. Had Date Four, which was, again, most excellent. I highly recommend ‘March of the Penguins’ if it’s at a theater near you. A very sweet film, suitable for all ages, and a great ‘Date Movie’ to boot.

I start the new job today! It’s a ‘business dress’ environment, which is fine with me, ’cause I clean up nice. Got my suit all picked out and ready to go. Coffee is made and I’m about to jump in the shower to get goin’. Take care ya’ll. I’ll be catching up on all my blog reading as soon as possible, so don’t think I’ve forgotten about you!

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