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July 21, 2005


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As promised, I put my pride and ego aside and went and had my body fat measured by the BodPod. In my shorts and jog bra, hair up in a surgical cap and then covered in another cap, I sat in a pod module that can best be described as Mork’s egg-vehicle-thingy. Well, first I had to stand on a scale, and the guy entered my height into the computer. Then I sat in the egg-mobile.

I couldn’t hear anything outside the egg-mobile, and my friends sat and stared an giggled at me. Inside the egg-mobile, a loud electric buzzing sound erupted all around me. ‘Sit very still, breathe normally.’ the instructions read. Then the machine shuddered and started again. Oh my! What was that noise! The electric buzzing sound resumed. Then the guy opened the hatch and said ‘Just 45 more seconds.’. Oh jeez. Any minute now I was going to blast off for outerspace.

Finally the buzzing sound stopped, the guy opened the hatch and gave me permission to don the rest of my clothing. ‘The results will print off there in just a minute.’ he said as the left the room. So, I put my shirt, socks and shoes back on and my friends and I sat bemoaning the impending results.

The printer spat out a piece of paper with my numbers. *cue the noise of doom* Weight was down from last Thursday. That’s good. Well, it’s not the ‘official’ scale, but it’s down nonetheless. (Since I have the backup official scale, I know that I’m down more than the BodPod scale indicated. YAY!) It gave my lean weight, my fat weight, total weight, my percentage fat and my percentage lean. The good news is my percentage fat isn’t as high as I feared it would be. The bad news is, it’s higher than the range I should be in to be considered ‘healthy’. The better news is, I think that in the next 3 months with some decent weight traning and good eating habits, I can get the percentage into the ‘healthier’ range. 3-4% per month is attainable!

On the eating habit front, I’m doing much better. Since Monday I’ve managed a good breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner routine. And yet I’m constantly hungry! But I’m told this is a good thing…it means my metabolism churning along. I’m now officially in love with my imported Swiss granola mixed in with fat-free Yoplait yogurt (varying flavors). I’m getting in more dairy and fruit even. All good things!

Still WOW’d

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After five (5) dates, the WOW factor continues. I’m getting so spoiled. I could definitely get used to this. A guy actually putting forth effort to impress me. Amazing!

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