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July 23, 2005

Too Hot to Handle 15K

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I finished my race this morning. Didn’t quite make my goal time of 1:44:09. I finished in 1:48:33. Wasn’t easy. I ran too fast at the start. My first mile was under 11 minutes, and my 3 mile split was 33:56. I tried to slow down, but then I wasn’t able to speed up. Nothing really hurt, it was just really hot. I pretty much felt like a chicken in a rotiserre. The heat just sapped my energy. I managed to pick it up at mile 8 a little, and as I passed the 9 mile marker I laid out everything I had left. It wasn’t much, and I was hurtin’, but I crossed the finish line strong. I’m glad that’s over!

Update: This just in! I checked the results for my race, and I was in 5th place in my division. YAY! *will not note that if I had run my goal pace I would have placed 3rd and received a medal, ’cause that’s not important 😉 *

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