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July 24, 2005

Holy WOW

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So Friday night was date 6 and Saturday night was date 7. Two dates in a row…I know. You’re either thinking ‘wow’ or ‘yikes’. I’m leaning toward ‘wow’. My friends will tell you that I make up my mind pretty quickly whether I like someone or not. This is not necessarily a good trait, but one that I have nonetheless. How much I like them can vary over time, but there’s got to be something about a person, otherwise I’m not likely to spend much time on them.

Friday night was Shakespeare in the Park, and we saw A Winter’s Tale. It was his turn to pack the picnic basket. I offered up use of the basket I had borrowed from one of my friends, but was plainly told ‘I already have a basket.’ Hmmm. OK then! I picked up the date, the picnic basket and the cooler, and received a surprise of a bouqet of flowers. First flowers I’ve gotten for no good reason! Not Mother’s Day, birthday, Valentines, or anything like that. Just flowers for flowers sake. Do people still do that? Obviously! WOW!

I then drove us (yes, I have that ‘thing’ that requires me to drive) down to the Festival. I had pre-purchased tickets online, so we walked in ahead of the other riff-raff lined up in the General Admin section. We picked our spot, spread our blanket and rented the sandchairs. Then, we delved into the picnic basket, which he actually purchased for this and future use! The items in the basket looked eerily familiar…but hey…it worked the first time! I was just happy to be there! The one difference though…I had packed strawberries, grapes and creme fraiche for dessert. He couldn’t remember the dip exactly, so he got chocolate sauce for dipping the fruit. YUM! Excellent choice! The play was great. The dinner was wonderful. The weather, and finally the evening, were most excellent. I even took him on a brief side-tour of Dallas. He got to see his first Dallas prostitute being arrested. I did mention that while the park is nice, it is located in a dodgy area of town, didn’t I?

Saturday night I met some girlfriends for a little homemade sangria before they ventured off to Shakespeare Festival too. Why didn’t I join them? They were seeing Richard III and I had already seen this with my date two weekends ago. So, with nothing to do except sit at home, I opted for another date. But, I didn’t know what we were going to do! It was going to be a bit of a surprise. I got a phone call in the middle of the day saying that I probably wanted to wear pants. I arrived at his place, and he answered the door looking quite handsome. I looked down, and the picnic basket and a blanket were sitting suspiciously close to the front door. ‘Another picnic!’ I said, surprised.

He took me to a lovely park with a large pond and water fountain. The sun was setting, the grass was thick and soft, and I couldn’t wait to see what was in the basket! I was pleasantly surprised by brie and feta, chicken pesto pasta, bread, crackers, red wine and music. Yep, he even brought Sinatra along to serenade us. That was nice. What was even nicer was the gentlemen with the guitar walking by, stopping and playing us a romantic ballad. Just by chance!

So far this guy has brownie points in the bank. Any of you guys need a loan of Charm or advice on How to Woo the Ladies, please contact the Bank of Nick. He has a PhD in Romance, a Masters in Intelligent Conversation, and a Bachelor or Arts in Picnic Dinners, with a minor in Slightly Cheesy But Endearing Banter.

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