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July 25, 2005

Mineral Wells Photos

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So I finally got the Mineral Wells photos back, and I am devestated. All of the waterproof disposable photos turned out fuzzy. I had some digitals, so it’s not a total loss, but none of the cool race-course photos are any good. I included a couple anway, but I am bummed.

Rainbow! Positive signs! Followed by a beautiful sunset

More Sunset

Yep, sun’s still setting

Got my tent set up and ready for sleepy-time

We had a great fajita dinner, then a giggle at the E-Z-Mart

Getting the TA ready pre-race. That’s my gear box, chair, hydration system, GU, crappy camera that didn’t take good race pictures…

That’s my spot in the canoe and my bike

Jerry and Jeff both getting ready

I’m ready to go! Once the race started, Jeff and Darin had to plot the points

Still prepping, or is that primping?

My first rappel! And then we got to climb back up.

There were lots of rocks. Boy was I tired when it was over.

On the way home, the moon rose while the sky was still blue. That’s the Weatherford courthouse.

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