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July 26, 2005

Romance 101

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OK, for all you swooning ladies…

Everyone says they want romance in a relationship. Mention the word, and most guys start to get that nervous tic in their eye and panic seems to set in. When someone asks what romance is, I think some people see candlelight, roses, that little black dress, white tablecloth, and waiters in fancy dress. Coming from a background where the most romantic thing my ex ever did for me was give me my first anniversary gift two days early because he couldn’t remember the exact day, but also didn’t want to be late…well, let’s just say the past couple of weeks have been a sort of ‘out of body’ experience.

Culfy commented yesterday (warning: he’s on a bit of a rant today on his blog) that after my description of my date this weekend, his Subway sandwiches didn’t measure up. But I don’t think that’s true. I don’t think romance is based on the scale of what’s in the hamper, I think it’s in the presentation and the intent. And I don’t think it’s always something that has to be overwhelming. I think romance can be found anywhere in ways big and small. Take-away Chinese on the living room floor can be just as romantic as a surprise picnic under the stars. Finding a song on the internet and burning a CD because the other person mentioned they had heard it on the radio but couldn’t find it in the store or online is romantic. Paying a simple compliment out of the blue is romantic. A look, a smile, a wink, a touch can be romantic, because it’s not the action, it’s the sentiment.

Romance isn’t measurable. There’s no blueprint for it. It’s unique to the individual, both the giver and the recipient.

So, I’ve shared what I think romance is and how I’ve been fortunate to experience it lately. How about you, dear readers? What is romance to you? Do you have a memorable romantic moment you’d be willing to share with us?

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