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August 1, 2005

Weekend Update

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But nothing like Tina Fey…

Friday : My friend Steph cooked dinner for Nick and I on Friday night. We picked up a couple of bottles of wine and headed over to her house. Steph made a great roasted chicken with garlic and fresh rosemary (cut from her rosemary bush outside), potatoes and asparagus. We had picked up another bottle of Abrazo, and also a bottle of Wrongo Dongo. Picked for both its cute name and the Wine Advocate score, it turned out to be another very good wine. I also decided to splurge on a dessert wine. Jackson-Triggs Vidal Icewine was an excellent pairing with the homemade, and home-grown, pear crisp Steph concocted. The boys didn’t care for it too much, but Steph and I drank theirs with no problem. After dinner, the boys bonded over a discussion about Kevin Smith movies, and we finally picked a movie for all of us to watch. In Good Company was a very cute film. Topher Grace is a little cutie, Dennis Quaid is great in this movie, and I have a total girl-crush on Scarlett Johansson. Steph and her husband, Keith, have a true ‘media’ room…well, it’s Keith’s really. Dolby sound system and everything. An electronic junkie’s dreams come true.

Saturday : Nick and I planned to go to Fort Worth for the day. But, if you’re going to spend a long day strolling museums and gardens, you’ve got to start the day off right with a good breakfast. So, Nick came over, and I again wowed him with my fine culinary skills. Scrambled eggs, garlic and rosemary (filched from Steph’s the night before) skillet potatoes, crispy bacon, toast, hummus (for a guy that had never had hummus before last Wednesday, he was certainly diggin’ it), coffee and milk. Maybe I should open my own breakfast restaurant…

Cleaned up the dishes, then made our trek over to Cowtown. For a town that I often think is considered the step-sister of the metroplex, I actually prefer the cultural activities that Fort Worth has to offer over those that Dallas barely maintains. The Fort Worth citizenry knows how to invest in their downtown and their cultural identity. As such, they have done an excellent job. We only paid a visit to The Kimball (the shining star of Fort Worth as far as I’m concerned), but there are numerous museums in Fort Worth. The Kimball, the Amon Carter and the Modern Art Museum are all within walking distance of each other and offer a fine variety of excellent art. The Kimball is a piece of art itself in it’s architecture and gardens, and is intimate with a small, but very nice permanent collection. But, their claim-to-fame are the special exhibits they get. This tiny museum gets some of the most prestigious exhibits in the US. If an exhibit only gets a few showings in the US, The Kimball is likely to be one of the locations, combined with more well-known museums in places like New York or Los Angeles. Their current show Palace and Mosque: Islamic Art from the Victoria and Albert Museum was stunning. My favorite pieces were the tile-works and textiles.

Between exploring the Islamic Art show and the permanent collection, we enjoyed a frozen cappuccino on the patio of the museum restaurant, and had a polite discussion over our differing views of the war in Iraq. He’s a Conservative. I like him despite this. 🙂


After The Kimball, we stopped for a brief late-lunch at The Great Outdoors. An excellent little sub-shop and a nice change of pace from Subway.

Our final stop was the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. When I was 4 or 5 I briefly lived in Fort Worth. Their zoo, Trinity Park & Botanic Gardens were my favorite places to roam and play. My mom and step-dad were married under a pergola in the Oval Rose Garden, but my favorite place is the Japanese Garden. We stopped there first because the Japanese Garden is only open until 7. We walked the entire garden, stopping at the Meditation Garden, the moon-viewing deck (a giant yin-yang symbol), and the various pavilions and waterfalls scattered throughout the garden.

Nick got a kick out of feeding the Koi fish. He’d never seen these before, and was amazed by their size and beauty. For a dollar in quarters, we got at least 30 minutes of fun out of feeding the fish. There was one koi in particular that caught my eye…he had a crick in his back! A gimpy koi! Poor thing…we fed him a lot.

Then we explored the Rose Gardens and the Lagoon Loops. I was disappointed, because the Lagoon was one of my favorite places as a kid. Full of waterfalls, bridges, old pecan trees, and long, winding trials, the water wasn’t running, so there were no waterfalls. It looked like the area had been unattended for some time. I figured that they were draining the lagoon for renovation, but I was still bummed. I did, however, get a picture of the old tree where my sister and I used to hide. Amazing that we could actually fit in that little crevice!

We headed back home, stopping at an IHOP on the way for dinner. Yeah, IHOP. I’ve been having some trouble on my Sunday long-runs with energy level and hitting a ‘wall’ in the middle of my runs early on. So, my friend, Judy, suggested no protein in my last meal on Saturdays, and instead just eat carbs. Her favorite is pancakes, so, taking her suggestion, I had a stack of pancakes for dinner Saturday night. With boysenberry syrup. And lots of butter. YUM.

Sunday : 4:45 am came really early. But, I got out of bed, dressed for running success, and headed out the door. Surprise number one for the morning was FREE GU samples to take home. A whole big baggie for everyone, plus GU for the morning run. Oh, did I mention the run was three (3) hours? Yeah, I was looking forward to this one. Our run took us through the ‘M’ streets along the Greenville area, across US 75, down through the Highland Park neighborhood (where it is illegal to run on the streets…the cops were tailing us), through the Turtle Creek area of Dallas (home to one of the finest restaurants in Dallas, The Mansion on Turtle Creek), down back across US 75 and over to the Swiss Avenue historic district. Our last water stop was in this area, and then we turned around to go back home. I was feeling great the whole way. Maintained a good pace, had no troubles breathing, and my legs felt great until mile 12. I was drinking plenty at the water stops, GU-ing at regular intervals, and it helped greatly that it was an absolutely gorgeous morning for a run. The temps were in the 70’s when we started, there was relatively no humidity, a slight breeze, and lots of shade on the course made for a GREAT run. Well, till mile 12. From miles 12-14 I was starting to feel the pain. My legs were getting stiff, and my right calf was starting to cramp. I didn’t want to stop to try to stretch it because 1) I didn’t think it would help that much and 2) I didn’t want to not be able to get going again. I was able to maintain my pace pretty well, so I decided I would just work through it on the run. I got to the final water stop (mile 14) and tried to stretch it out a bit more. I knew that I only had two more miles to go to get back to the store, but it seemed like the longest two miles I had ever run. There was one last long hill climb back up McCommas to get to McMillan, which would take me back to the store. I just stared at the road about two feet in front of me, and never looked up to see the top. If I did, I knew I would be defeated. I got to the top of the hill, a slight descent, and then turned left at the stop sign. The home stretch. Just another half mile. I was running along, determined not to stop despite the dead weight of my legs. I looked up to see someone running toward me. I finally recognized my friend Judy! She had run back to see me in to the finish! I got tears in my eyes and a smile on my face to see my friend! It was good practice for the marathon finish in October. I know she’ll be there waiting for me, and that’s going to be one of the many things that will keep me in perpetual forward motion and on good pace. She ran me in the last little bit, pushing me to speed up a bit and not stop till I got to the front door of the store. Thank you Judy! 16 miles total in 3:04:25. Man, if I can do 16, what’s another 10! 🙂 We’ll find out…won’t we!?! Yes, as of today, I’m now officially registered for the Nike Women’s Marathon. Exciting!

I stretched a bit, and then jumped in the car. Judy’s birthday is today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUDY!) but we were celebrating with a brunch at Blue Mesa. Yes, home of the Sunday $14.95 Mexican brunch and all-you-can-drink Mimosas and Poinsettias. I had to dash home, shower, primp and pick up Nick. Except I was running so late I called Nick to meet me at my house so we could leave from there. He was so obliging! Yes, he was going to meet my friends. Poor guy. I was nervous for him. I love my friends, and they love me, and I knew they were going to interrogate the poor guy. I prepared him for it, described each of my friends, and warned him that he would be questioned. It wasn’t going to be that bad I thought. He’d met Judy & Keith at a Colorado relay race dinner. And, he’d met Steph and her husband Keith (yes, with my friends there are two Keiths and two Jeffs…makes it easy) at dinner on Friday. But, there was Amy. She put a spotlight on him and didn’t let up. I tried to stop her, diverting the conversation, and trying to get on other topics. But, each time there was a lull in the conversation, she set her focus back on him. Great guy that he is, he answered all questions, and even launched into a ‘bio-soliloquy’ about him to cover any and all questions that had yet to be asked. I know my friends love me, but Damn! Amy! Cut it out! She went a little over-the-top, but he survived. And he’s still speaking to me. I’m glad. 🙂 We had a great brunch though. We celebrated Judy’s birthday, talked girl talk (the guys just kind of sat around and stared at the ceiling), drank poinsettias and had a great afternoon.

So, there you have it. My exciting, fun-filled, non-stop weekend. Tired yet? Whew! I am!

Abducted by aliens?

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No, ET didn’t kidnap me…had home computer issues…am working on a update now, so check back later.

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