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August 3, 2005

It’s so cute when guys cook

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OK, OK. So I’m stereotyping cooking skills based on gender. I know that some guys can really do a bang-up job in the kitchen, and others are the grill-meisters. I know that in some households the men do all the cooking as the women tend to burn, scald and poison their food.

But, there are those guys who live the bachelor life, rarely preparing more than coffee and a bowl of ceral in the kitchen. Their stove has been cold and lonely for months on end, the oven used only for reheating last night’s pizza for breakfast. OK, I exaggerate just a little. Poetic license you know.

Nick made me dinner last night. Penne alla Vodka. There was even flaming of the chicken in the skillet. WOW! There were crackers with garlic sauce and proscuitto for me to snack on while I watched him cook. The cutest part though is that when I arrived, he had all the ingredients pre-measured out in little dishes, already sauteing the chicken, with the recipe taped to the microwave above the stove. I watched as he peered into cabinets, hoping that he had what he was looking for. Putting the food into serving dishes even! A lovely green salad, and the penne was fantastic. I was very, very impressed. The garlic bread was a little garlicky-salty, but still tasty. Cheesecake and strawberries for dessert. I again experimented on the wine a little bit, and found a decent red table wine, Il Bastardo that paired nicely with the pasta. Guys, take a lesson.

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