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August 6, 2005

Well that was a bust…

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Now that I have your attention…

Why is it I always have bad luck with garage sales??? My crap isn’t crap! I just wanted to park my car in the garage!

I finally got sick of staring at the mess that was my garage. Between moving in a year ago, Christmas not getting quite put away, the ex’s hasty exodus, and a few AR’s, my garage was a mess. I could pick my way through, but sadly, with the danger of something toppeling over. So, last night I spent some time arranging ‘get rid of’ and ‘clean up’ and ‘throw away’ piles, and then arose at 6:00 this morning for my very first my-own-garage sale (I’ve done ’em with my mom lots).

My kids joined in the fray too. I sent them back inside the house with instructions to either ‘throw that junk away’ or ‘over my dead body are you selling that’. The deal was that whatever they sold that was theirs, they got to keep the money. Fair’s fair.

L and I drove around the neighborhood posting signs while Z held down the fort. Not that the fort needed any holding down. It was 30 minutes after L and I got back that we saw our first customers. They browsed our junk stuff, and politely left without purchasing. ‘Mom, they didn’t buy anything.’ L whined. ‘Sorry we were disappointing.’ the lady said as she climbed back in her car. ‘Not everyone is going to be a sale sweetie.’ I told L.

Then a trio of three ladies came by looking for clothes, which we didn’t have. The next customers were slightly better. They purchased one of L’s games for $1. Z was upset that L got the first sale of the day. Nearly an hour later our next customer showed up. She purchased some Pokemon from Z for a quarter, and a book from me for $1. Time ticked on…and finally our last customers came round. Z made another $.25, and I sold a lamp for $3. I decided to call it a day…we didn’t even break even from our signage and pricing supplies.

Grand total: I made $4, L made $1, and Z made $.50.

The good part? It was a gorgeous morning, it was cool in the shade of the garage, Z read the new Harry Potter book, I did my crossword and sipped coffee, and L played quietly (for awhile). Then I taught Z how to play cribbage. And, after some sweeping, throwing away and rearranging, I got my car in the garage! With room to spare on either side and behind! YAY!

Right now I’m taking a break from cleaning L’s room. She’s a category 5 hurricane! Tomorrow is my youngest sister’s 20th birthday. Finally all of my mom’s four kids are out of the teenage years. Everyone is coming over to my house, and we’re going to grill chicken. Sides are salad, mashed potatoes, and asparagus with hollandaise. Want my secret recipe for quick, delicious and easy hollandaise? OK then.

In a blender, mix:

3 egg yolks
2 tbsp lemon juice
dash salt
red (cayenne) pepper to taste

In a small saucepan, melt to boiling but not brown:

1/2 c (1 stick) butter

While blending the egg mix, slowly drizzle in the melted butter. Voila!

I nearly died when I found this recipe. Soooo much better than the packaged stuff, and so much easier than the double-boiler-one-tablespoon-of-butter-stirring-the-entire-time method. Literally less than 5 minutes and you have fresh, real hollandaise!

Later I’m going over to Nick’s to watch a movie. When I mentioned the one month thing yesterday I was just making a mental note sort of. Not that it’s a long time. Or maybe these days it is? I mean, in Jr. High, yeah, one month was an eternity. But now? I told you guys before that I have no clue… Are we that impatient with other people that we cross them off the list after a couple of dates? I just know that I’ve met someone that I really like spending time with, and every time I see him I look forward to the next time we go out.

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