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August 7, 2005

Humidity sucks!!! Big time…

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OK, there were other factors too…but when you can actually see the air half a mile down the road in the street light, well, you know it’s going to be a tough day. At 6 am today, the temperature was 76 (felt like 83) and the humidity was 79%. At 7 am, 79 degrees (felt like 88) with 73% humidity. And, at 8 am, 83 degrees (felt like 95) with 64% humidity. Nice huh? Oh, and there was no wind. Gee…I forgot my fins and goggles.

Today’s run was supposed to be 30 minute easy/60 minute marathon pace/10 minute cool down. Now, I’m getting confused. Maybe it’s just our group that pretty much runs at marathon pace no matter what. My goal time to finish my race is 5:00. This is an 11:30 average mile, which is what I did over the entire three hour run last week. So today we were supposed to run slower, then our normal pace then slower again? This isn’t making sense to me. Maybe we’re running our long runs too fast. But it doesn’t seem like it. And I don’t like that I ran 16 miles last week, then only 9 miles this week, and then next week I’ll go 18. Seems like I’m jumping around on the miles too much. I feel like I should be building consistently and then dropping back down at intervals, but not all the way down to 9 miles. I brought this up with my coach today. She said a lot of people feel the same way, so maybe they’ll change it. This whole ‘marathon pace’ workout is new to the schedule this time around. I, for one, do not like it. So, today sucked, big time. I’m going to go get in the shower now and then go splurge on a cream cheese omelete at the diner down the way. Do the crossword, drink coffee, and then come home and clean before the party.

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