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August 8, 2005

Two important events!

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Birthday Party

Last night my whole clan gathered to celebrate my littlest sister’s 20th birthday. I drew the short straw and got to host. Despite forgetting to buy charcoal (yes, I have a charcoal grill…not a gas grill. Despite the effort, it provides MUCH better flavor) at both Target and Kroger, we managed to get the grill fired up and chicken cooked. The potatoes got mashed, and the hollandaise turned out PERFECT. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food…there were only two chicken breasts left over.

My sister is about to move into a campus apartment (different from a dorm) and needs furnishings, so she got money and gift certificates to go to the new Ikea store that just opened. My brother was the only soul brave enough to actually venture to the store…with 15,000 other people. I just gave her cash.

My mom made two cakes and cupcakes for dessert. The chocolate cake was delicious. It looks a little off I know, but it was so humid the icing wouldn’t stand up. Plus she drives like a maniac, so what chance did the cake have? That’s my mom with Ell.

I was in desperate need of a beer…or four. Sorry about the ‘no-make-up look’. It was a long day combined with four kids running through my house at top volume! Aren’t my sisters pretty!?

The three sisters. Oh, and we have a brother too. He’s awesome. He still speaks to us despite the fact that we used to dress him up in our flower-girl dresses and made him play with us. Well, I used to transform all his Transformers because he couldn’t, and I played Hotwheels with him too. He was such a sweet kid.

My niece, Zed, Ell, & my sister’s god-daughter. What a bunch of silly kids!

First Day of School
Today was also the first day of school! I know…it is waaay to early to be going back, but our school district just loves ‘breaks’. We have a fall break less than 8 weeks after starting back, and all kinds of three and four day weekends. Whatever…hoity toity school districts will do whatever they want.

The both of them before we left the house. And, Ell in her class. Zed wouldn’t let me take a picture of him. First day of 5th grade…wants to be the cool kid you know. They both know kids in their class, so they were excited. No tears from either one of them!

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