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August 18, 2005

We made it! Now…just 195 miles to go…

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Our American plane finally landed in Denver. We were all tired, hungry, and ready to get to Fort Collins. The Denver airport was a bit strange, but we made our way to the baggage terminal and picked up our luggage (which, by the way, flew in on United on their last Denver flight). Picked up the rental van without issue. Well, sort of. We couldn’t understand the rental agent’s accent, but we still got the van. I didn’t realize Denver was so flat, with the mountains on one side and the start of the Great Plains on the other.

Fort Collins was about a 40 minute drive north. I didn’t think I was going to make it, considering that it had been over 8 hours since I had last had anything to eat. Well, anything better than Trolli sour worms. There were no restaurants besides fast food joints and truck stops, so I tried to keep my mind of my rumbling stomach. We ended up eating at Carrabas. It was good, but they sure are proud of their food. Their prices say so anyway.

Then it was to the hotel to check in and unpack before heading over to Target for a snack shopping spree. I love Target. I always feel at home there no matter where I am.

Now I’m just updating this quickly before I head off to beddy-bye-dreamland. Enjoy the photos folks. We’ll be starting our race at 7 am MST tomorrow, but I won’t actually run until around noon or later. Thanks for all the well wishes! You guys are great!

Hey look! It’s RunOn! The plane that finally got us there. Metal-paper airplanes in the Denver airport. My van-mates and a cool mountain storm.

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